Educational Tours & Workshops

Our project has proved to be a primary source for the educational visitor.  Personal accounts from local activists and community leaders connect students to the realities of the conflict and explores the challenges associated with the management and transformation of a society from war to sustainable peace.

Reflection, debate and question/answer sessions with former political prisoners, locals, lobbying groups, community groups and respresentatives from political parties are available if requested.


"The South Armagh Political and Historical Tours Project is an integral component of the MSc Humanitarian Action Programme.

Each year 25 MSc students utilize the tour to critically analyse the political, social and economic challenges to rebuilding post-conflict rural communities.  The inbuilt flexibility of the tour organizers and their firsthand knowledge of the post-conflict context provides our students with an invaluable opportunity to interrogate key issues such as post- conflict judicial procedures, societal reconciliation, policing and economic recovery. 

The tour has become a key feature of the Masters Programme."
Pat Gibbons PhD
Director of Centre for Humanitarian Action - UCD


"During a recent visit to Northern Ireland I was invited to take the Cú Chulainn South Armagh Political and Historic Tour. The Tour was extremely useful in providing an understanding of the various challenges confronted by a society that not too long ago made the transition from conflict to peace. Particularly valuable is the opportunity to talk to protagonists of the conflict now engaged in the difficult task of creating sustainable peace and reconciliation. It is undoubtedly an extremely important and fruitful activity for scholars and students interested in these issues."
Prof. Pedro Valenzuela
Departamento de Ciencias Políticas
Bogota, Columbia

A group of History & Geography students from our school visited the Tí Chulainn Centre as part of a Peace 111 Project. From start to finish visit was outstanding! The students were given the opportunity to bring material that they were learning about in the classroom to life through listening to former political prisoners telling their personal stories. They gained a unique and valuable insight into the experiences and struggles that existed during the “Troubles”. The group was made feel more than welcome by the inviting environment and were actively encouraged to ask questions throughout the session. My only regret is that we couldn’t spend more time in the centre. I would highly recommend for any group or school to pay the Tí Chulainn Centre a visit in order to enhance their knowledge!

Teacher post primary school, Co Monaghan.

A group of TYP students from my school took part in the Cú Chulainn Tours project as part of a Peace 3 initiative. We received a very warm and friendly welcome and the students felt at ease immediately. They were really engaged by the stories of the former prisoners and listened very intently to their experiences. They were also encouraged to ask questions and I personally was very impressed with the very honest answers given by the men. The students felt that the question and answer session was the most beneficial aspect of the trip. They appreciated the fact that they were treated as adults and that their questions were taken very seriously indeed. Apart from this, the Tí Chulainn centre itself is very impressive and extremely well maintained.   Also, the area is very scenic and deserves to be seen for this reason alone! This is something I would definitely make time for again. Overall, I cannot recommend this educational experience highly enough. History and geography students should definitely make it a priority but, to be honest, this is a trip that all students, especially those south of the border, should experience.

Teacher post primary school, Co Monaghan.