Myth of 'Bandit Country'

The untrue media label of 'Bandit Country' has resulted in the demonisation and vilification of the South Armagh community.  This has resulted in potential visitors being actively discouraged from visiting the area.  The ability of the locals and ex-prisoners of South Armagh to relate and talk about their experiences shall expose the myth of 'Bandit Country' and reveal a rich cultural heritage.

Now emerging from decades of conflict, South Armagh, with the help of several South Armagh Tourism initiatives, is becoming a viable tourist destination.  The area is rich in folklore, history, historical sites and stunning countryside.

Political tourism is an expanding phenomenon worldwide, particularly in areas where conflict has recently occurred.  Our tours provide an interesting and added attraction and undoubtedly complement the many tourist attractions in South Armagh.

Book a Historical & Political tour with us today and see the real South Armagh for yourself.  

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