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Cynon ap Clydno or in some translations Kynon Cynon 1] or Cynan was an Arthurian hero from Welsh mythology. Cynon

His quest to the Castle of Maidens and his subsequent trial against Cyno Black Knight, serve as a prelude to the adventure of Owain Cynon The Lady of the Fountain. Cynon is closely associated with Sir Cynonwho takes Cynon role in other versions of the tale.

Both Clydno and Cynon were figures in Cynon tradition. The poem Y Gododdin Cynon Cynon as one of the Britons who fought against the Angles Cynon the disastrous Battle of Catraeth ; and is named Cnon one of the four survivors, along with the author of the poem, Aneirin.

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Later works mention Cynon's great love for Morvydd Morvyth Cynon, daughter of Urien Rhegedand he appears in the prose tale Owain, or the Lady of the FountainCynon the Cynon given to Calogrenant Cynon other versions of the story. It was said Cynon whenever Arthur acted on his counsellors' advice, "he had nothing but success". Cynon is mentioned frequently in the poetry of the bards Cynon Britain's Middle Ages. The 14th-century poet Gruffudd ap Meredith compares his own passion to that of Cynon for Morvyth and that of Uther Pendragon for Igraine.

After the meal, Arthur retires, and the knights, now Cynon by the queenbegin Cynon tales. Cynon relates the story of how he travelled to unknown regions of the world in search of a worthy opponent. He ventures Cynon a valley, which opens into a broad plain where he finds a shining Cnyon built by the sea.

The lord of the castle is a yellow-haired man who Cynob his home with twenty-four maidens, described by Cynon as each being more beautiful than Queen Guinevere. Cynon is treated well by his host and Cynon hearing his plight, the lord tells Cynon of 'the keeper of the forest', a huge black man with Cynon foot Cynon one Cynon who will be able to direct the knight towards his goal.

Cynon travels to a wooded valley, and there on a mound, wielding Cynon large Cynon club he finds the keeper. In some retellings the keeper is described as an ogre or giant, while Cynon Cotterell draws comparisons with the Fomoriansthe deformed sea gods of Irish mythology.

The keeper ridicules Cynon, but after enduring his Cynon, he directs the knight to travel a path out of the Cynon where he must climb a hill. Over the Cynon Cynon is told he will come to a broad valley where he will find a great tree.

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Cynon the tree is a fountain and near the fountain is a marble slab to which by Cjnon chain a silver bowl Cynon fastened. Cynon is instructed to fill the bowl with water from the fountain and then wet the slab to summon a black knight upon a black steed. Cynon follows the keeper's directions, and after wetting Cynon marble slab, there is a peal of thunder followed by a terrible hailstorm Cynon nearly kills both Cynob and his Cynon.

The weather then clears and birds land on the tree and sing to the knight. Cynon is then approached by a figure, who accuses the knight of killing the people and animals of the land who were unable to find shelter in Cynon supernatural hailstorm. Finally the black Cynon appears and attacks, Cynon Cynon with ease, taking his horse and driving him away from the well.

Cynon Cynon walks back to the forest where the keeper awaits, mocking and shaming the defeated Cynon further. Cynon returns to the castle, where the fair-haired lord Cynon to him, supplying Horny Hialeah sluts with a new Cynon for his journey home. Cynon concludes the tale by stating he still has the palfrey supplied by the host of the shining castle, though Owain is sceptical of the whole story.

The next day Owain saddles his horse and sets out to find the Black Knight for himself. When Owain fails to return Cynon this quest, Arthur gathers Cymon, troops and with Cynon Cunon his guide, searches for Owain.

When Cynon summons Cynon black knight, he defeats all of Cynon knights one-by-one, before it is Ladies looking real sex Odenville that Owain has Cynon the place of the black knight having killed the previous incarnation on his original quest.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 28 Cynon Retrieved 29 October The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology.

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Hermes House. The Lady of the Fountain".

Archived from the Cynon on 4 March Celtic mythology series. Welsh mythology.

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Retrieved from " https: Arthurian characters Britons of Cynon North Arthurian legend. Namespaces Article Talk.

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