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Piping plover on a beach. A new study in The Condor: Ornithological Applications presents negative associations between anthropogenic disturbance human recreational use of beaches, coastal Plovfr and Piping Plovers on their non-breeding grounds.

Ploger are one of the most threatened bird families in the world. Numerous studies have shown the negative impacts of humans on these birds, whether it be large-scale e.

This research indicates that there are direct consequences of disturbance. Most Piping Plover research has focused on the breeding season in an attempt to directly influence population numbers, however this study argues that efforts are required throughout the year in all locations to assist Piping Plover conservation.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's Dan Gibson and colleagues monitored Piping Plovers year-round to determine the health and behavior of individuals. Body condition, survival, and site fidelity were of most interest.

Plovers in disturbed areas proved to be significantly lighter in mass, due to the birds not procuring enough food. Given poorer body condition, Ploover should be no surprise that birds in these disturbed areas also had lower survival rates.

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Piping plovers have strong site Ever want to be a Plover on the breeding grounds and this study supports that fidelity continues on the non-breeding grounds. While physically capable of changing location, it was not common for individuals to do so even if there was a high waht of disturbance. The lack of movement by disturbed individuals suggests that aspects of the species' life history i.

Some of the strategies used on the breeding grounds reduced human recreation, roped-off areas, no dogs on beaches may be beneficial to also do on the non-breeding grounds to ensure year-round conservation and oversight on this threatened shorebird species. Lead Ever want to be a Plover Dan Gibson comments, "We have a lot of of opportunity to engage with the public in what exactly our research is about.

We often try to stress that the impact an individual recreationist has on a shorebird is practically non-existent.

However, if every person who uses a beach in a given day influences how these shorebirds feed or rest, those minute impacts can begin to add up over the course Ever want to be a Plover a season that can manifest itself as reductions in individual body condition and Adult singles dating in Old mystic, Connecticut (CT their ability to withstand bad weather conditions or successfully migrate and find a mate.

We try to stress that small changes in how we use a beach e. The finding that this endangered species may not readily abandon habitat that is detrimental for fitness was surprising, and warrants immediate attention from the conservation community.

Impacts of anthropogenic disturbance on a non-breeding shorebird's body condition, survival, and site fidelity Ppover be available June 27, at http: Research contact: Dan Gibson, epaxton usgs. About the journal: The Condor: Ornithological Applications is a peer-reviewed, international journal of ornithology published by the American Ornithological Society.

The journal Ever want to be a Plover inand in The Condor had the number one impact factor among 24 ornithology journals. Skip to main content. More in Biology Don't overdo omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy The Physiological Society Paper stickers to monitor pathogens are more effective than swabs American Society for Microbiology Soil communities threatened by destruction, instability of Amazon forests Colorado State University Dead Curious poly female double shoreline loss in gulf Duke University View all in Biology.