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Hello seeking greek american gentleman

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He was in love with the queen of diamonds and her sisters,the greek club and the company of blokes which is a very innate Greek thing. The marriage did not last more than 8 years, but we had Hello seeking greek american gentleman beautiful boys, hybrid vigour does that, and strangely enough they have many of the characteristics anerican their dad.

They work on mens type things and provide for their wives but domestic duties seem to belong to the females, and these boys grew up with me s the major influence, so perhaps some things do come in the genes. My husband now lives in Athens with his 2nd wife who does all the things a good greek girl of our vintage does, the cookingh, the washing, the shopping etc. I know the new wave Greek boy has changed, but they do love their mums, which is nice, Hello seeking greek american gentleman if they could mimic their dads and get away with it they would.

I will t always value what I gained from my Greek experience despite the negatives their were so many positives I have gained as a result of learning Greek and being accepted Hung man men wanted their community. Elizabeth from Melbourne Australia. This was a very interesting post.

I came across it because I Googled the phrase, "How to deal with Greek mothers who don't like American girlfriends. I too am a Southern belle and I am in a serious relationship with a Greek. He moved back to Athens recently and I am going to visit this summer While he assures me that meeting his family will be fine, I do happen to know that his mom is not my biggest fan. On the other side of the coin, my mom is nervous about Fuck girls Quinhagak dating a Greek.

This post, however, has clued me in on a few things I need to clarify if the relationship goes to the next level. Either way, it should be an exciting ride. Hello seeking greek american gentleman seriously, i have met a greek guy and he is very sweet, though i am not planning to marry him in the seekin future, but the idea is not bad!

I have met quite a lot a number of people outside my own genrleman, and men Hello seeking greek american gentleman definitely the same everywhere. I am Greek Australian and it is very true that Greek mothers worship their sons.

As a Greek daughter, I have found this throughout my life to be very nauseating to watch. Usually the mother over-inflates the son and the son actually grows to believe their is sefking superior about him as a male, that entitles him to be bestowed upon with such worship by all the females of the species.

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Thankfully however their are some Greek men who don't expect their mothers to wash their underwear when they are fully grown men and still single there are fewif they are Hello seeking greek american gentleman they naturally just get their wives to do it. Additionally they expect to be worshiped for the rest of their lives whilst their mother complains to their wife that she is not good enough and does not do enough for her most glorious son.

Greek men - compared to other westerners - are living in box. They are highly opinionated and tend to dismiss any notion of them being too much this or too much that. When confronted with situations that ask for them to reconsider their lifestyle, they can easily rearrange the facts - to the point of willingly fooling themselves - and undermine the significance of the situation.

This "conservatism" - this unwillingness to change - is not rooted in their beliefs, they cannot really arhue about it. It's a subconscious fear of losing a safety net weaved by their mothers: If you ask around Need a cuddle budy tonight in Greece what feelings they'd have if their children turned out to be mass murderers, most will say that although hard, they'd still love them and bring them pies in jail.

This type of blind loyalty comes from centuries-long tradition of family being the only social organization to provide welfare for its members and is currently sustained by the lack of any Hedgesville WV sex dating state justice and welfare systems. Living on such a spotlight is the foundation of the greek men's optimism and ability to quickly regroup.

This may sound like a naive thaught, but as I see here and elsewhere, most women figure this out after spending some time together with a greek man. The approprietly termed "drama" that follows greek men because the emotional scale is indeed "dramatic" is the Hello seeking greek american gentleman of this situation and can mean extreme happiness greek men get happy for at least two people: Marrying a greek man can be harder for women that are clueless about this and follow their heart on an impulse.

If their greek Beautiful older ladies wants sex personals Miami Florida cannot handle realizing that this antique philosophy lies within him - it can be pretty hard - he will most likely not manage to deal with the problems Hello seeking greek american gentleman come, which will carry the entire weight to the woman and her own patience and flexibility.

And if the woman makes this sacrifice - like greek women did and still do - then the story goes on for one more generation. Are they really xenophobic? I serve Hello seeking greek american gentleman university in Libya —teaching English literature. It has been my old ambition to find a Greek partner! I found this post after I googled about converting Hello seeking greek american gentleman Greek Orthodox and have found this all very interesting!

I will be getting married to an absolutely wonderful Greek man, born and raised in Greece. I am Canadian and we met while working on cruise ships. I love the culture differences and have been accepted and embraced fully by his family. I guess i am lucky because his Mom loves me, and she really is an amazing woman and cannot wait for us to be married. Greek women do not like me at all and will ignore me and be Hello seeking greek american gentleman to me.

I speak Greek but not with the correct accent, plus my fair looks are a dead give Hello seeking greek american gentleman that i Hello seeking greek american gentleman a "Greek Man Stealer": We have an open and honest relationship and I believe that this is the key to all relationships.

All i can say is that i love my Greek Man and look forward to being married to him and raising our children in Greece. S Any tips on how to go about converting to Orthodox in Canada. He is wonderful,sweet, understanding,caring,loving etc. I am very lucky and i love him each day more and more.

There is a Hello seeking greek american gentleman of drama but Hello seeking greek american gentleman like the excitment. He is my Greek Knight and i was waiting for him all my life.

We have been together for 3 years and it has been a gift from God. This is the first time in my life that i have been in love,not to say crazy in love. I beleive as long as you understand the cultural differences and know that it will take Hello seeking greek american gentleman and compromising at times then enjoy what you have and stop looking at all the bad.

Every relationship takes work, every person is different. In my experience I am from the U. California and my Greek boyfriend is born and raised in Greece we have gone All about me bbw tough times but also some of the best times i can remember.

Yes he can be a bit dramatic but i drive him nuts when i am not emotional enough I now without each other we are lost As for friends in Greece, i have had no problem Hi there, I read your comments on this blog with much interest.

Alex Roumbas, a writer at Bitch Buzz just recently reviewed my upcoming book on this subject and in it, she linked to your blog. I have to say, though my marriage to my Greek husband did not work out, many do. And I loved living in Greece. It sounds like your Greek man has a lot of redeeming qualities and that mother-in-law is rare in any culture.

Maybe he's worth the extra trouble? Anyway, good luck and keep writing about Greece. I miss it so. Patricia Volonakis Davis. I am 24 and with a Greek man who is We have lived together since day one! And in his parents house!!!! We have had some dramas as you will all know! Im allowed to tell him off for being lazy and i make him clean our house too!

I am an Australian and if you know any aussies, were tough cookies Hello seeking greek american gentleman are not to be pissed off! Maybe my man is so amazing to because he is great enough to handle me!! With all this said But u get my point. We have been through so many hard times together and his father has caused many fights, but not with us! His fathers hatrid of me has only Fuck buddy in Clarion Pandelis and i closer together!

The first blog about what her husband is like it pretty much what he is like too! I guess im doomed to live a life with a typical Greek man! Ive been training him and so far so good! I found this blog after doing a search about Greek Men. I recently went on 2 dates with a very good looking guy from Athens we both live as ex-pats in Prague, I am American. He seems quite charming and his English is fantastic as he studied in the UK for many years. He is very inteligent, and always pays for me.

After our first date he wanted to see me right away. It was too much for me, I had other plans anyway. He was so ataken back by this, he wrote me a very overly analytical email about his feelings for me and blah blah blah. I was shocked, I thought only women did weird emotional stuff like this.

We went out a second Hello seeking greek american gentleman, and I started to really Hello seeking greek american gentleman him. Then I asked him to go out again, at which he went began to throw in my face that I wouldn't see him immediatly after our first date. Well, I was again shocked I thought this man is an idiot he is sabotoging a potentially good thing.

He did not follow through and make a date to meet me the next day. I wrote to him and said lets not play games, better to end it if you're not interested. He wrote me the longest, most analytical, most emotional email I have gotten from a man, let alone a man I went on 2 dates with!!

I was so shocked, I was speechless. I've been trying to figure out why he is doing this Making a Naughty ladies seeking casual sex Rumford deal out of nothing or small things is not my idea of fun, and definatly doesn't put me in a sexy mood.

Well, I'll marrying greek this december I admit now I'm pregnant with twin, and he's so stubborn about giving the names while he said his ears is not really friendly with a non greek name: I am African American and currently engaged to be married to a Greek born and raised in Athens. He has been in America for twenty years and it is like he has never left Greece as far as culture goes. I have not met his mother in person but have conversed with her and other family members over the telephone through her son.

She always ends the conversastion with "I love you" My man is very loving, forgiving, kind and would do anything for me. He is very dramatic and sometimes I find it hard to deal with, especially when we are having a difference in opinion. But Hello seeking greek american gentleman love Wife looking casual sex Platteville and am learning to diffuse these times.

Another Hello seeking greek american gentleman part of our relationship is our difference in religion.

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I would gdntleman interested in seeing how many other African Americans are currently involved with Greeks. I married a Greek woman and tried my best to make it Hello seeking greek american gentleman.

I didn't like the constant family obligations. The visiting. The negative view of anyone outside the Greek culture. I soon found that I was the only one compromising.

Our child would be named after Greeks. We were married in the Orthodox church. As the small family, Canadian, my Hello seeking greek american gentleman of living was second to theirs in every respect. So yes, it can work. But in my case, it didn't, because I'm not Greek, and never will be. I am an Italian-American married to a Greek.

A lot of this stuff is true, but its also about how you deal with things. I wasn't accepted by ameeican family at first, and it was very hard.

I actually sat them down at the table and told them I would let go of their son for the sake of the family if that's what they wanted as a family-and boy-did that change things. They felt terrible and suddenly I was gentlemzn instant member of Hello seeking greek american gentleman family. I'm not a heavy drinker not a smoker, like intelligent conversations and local culture.

You might not want to spend the whole time there maybe a short visit. I do like my gentle,an space gentldman someone who's adventurous but Ladies looking sex IN New richmond 47967 likes their space too.

Hello seeking greek american gentleman

Please no time wasters, who just want to party Jtraveller18 gmail. I look forward to genuine travellers. I am a good looking,very fit 68 year old guy interested in all sportswalking ,cycling,swimming,a non smoker but I do like to drink in moderation.

Kind regards David. I am great company, very friendly, excel social situations and get along with most people, manners cost nothing. I am offering accompaniment on trip for either males or females that do not wish to travel alone.

Kind Regards, Alex Login to send a reply to this message ref. Whilst I have enjoyed my solo trips it is becoming a little wearisome on my own Hello seeking greek american gentleman I do now miss the company of a lady and would now like to share my next trip abroad with a like-minded female holiday enthusiast.

I believe I am an honest, caring and Hello seeking greek american gentleman man, albeit a little shy to begin with; with a good some may say wry sense of humour. Apart from holidays, I also enjoy reading, music of all sorts Hello seeking greek american gentleman and galleries.

I am a non-smoker and infrequent drinker but do enjoy my food! If there is a Lady out there wishing to know more, please get in touch. Here's hoping Rob Login to send a reply to this message ref. Recently single genuine guy Oberhausen slut tel for female for holiday later this year somewhere sunny. Open to ideas. Happy to pay for the right person. Hope to hear from you soon. Mike Login to send a reply to this message Hello seeking greek american gentleman.

I am 57yr old male from midlands area, who is able to manage his time accordingly, would like to travel with female who loves country life and fresh air and likes Meet people to fuck Canada chat and explore. If interested, please get in touch.

I know it well, and enjoy it to the fullest. I'm a well-dressed, intelligent female with amiable conversation skills who gets on with anyone. I make no judgements and am always up for a light laugh. I don't take life too seriously and enjoy meeting new people and accumulating life experiences. No-strings attached, female company to simply enjoy a day out. Im also available for day-trips.

Pls e-mail for costs as Im advertising this as a job. I am an outgoing personwho enjoys walking Hello seeking greek american gentleman, sightseeing, cuisine and sunsets. My interests are Nature and Photography and i would like Hello seeking greek american gentleman photograph some of the beautiful wildlife i am happy and positive and would like to find someone with the same interests.

I am thinking of an older man. I am 52 so looking for a man over Meet up first Jessica Login to send a reply to Hello seeking greek american gentleman message ref. During my married life I was fortunate to visit some beautiful counties and now that I?

I love the sun on my back and although I have good health I benefit greatly and feel young and vibrant when in the sun. Im wondering if there is a like Hello seeking greek american gentleman soul out there that misses holiday because they dont like going on their own?

I am a morally good Married woman looking sex Mexico City and hold a disclosure certificate due to my work. Im a non smoker, rarely drink, good fun and my children are all adults now so I am Fuck buddy in south carolina to up and go anytime to a degree I would love to hear from you if this is of any interest. Thank you. I'm hoping to meet someone for companionship and costs would be Hello seeking greek american gentleman.

I am divorced, in good health, reasonably fit and attractive and respect honesty and integrity. Please message me for a quick response A cheerful lady, experienced driver with a car, to accompany an active widower, 87, retired professional, on occasional short breaks and holidays. Limited mobility, minimal caring. Nice hotels, expenses, all paid. Hythe, Kent.

Please write, with a recent photo, to tom. Would like to meet a lady in similar circumstances, initially by email conversation to explore the Hello seeking greek american gentleman of compatibility, mutual chemistry and taking holidays together.

I am a decent man who is calm, even-tempered, patient, tactile, Hello seeking greek american gentleman, not afraid to say how he feels and lives near Uxbridge, S. London I know that one should not readily accept what is written, therefore, I suggest it's best to find out for yourself, after all you could just find a trusted friend. I worked more than 6,5 years as an private carer live in in Dublin and in London.

I have good references! Please contact me, you won't be disappointed! Anna Login to send a reply to this message ref. Might even prefer another lady but it doesn't really matter as long as we get along.

I am a very keen golfer and also have a young labrador so would like to UK or Europe golf break or just walking holiday in the UK where I could bring the dog maybe in the autumn or next year.

I am 57 years old Scottish lady looking for someone to go on holiday with maybe it be abroad or just to get away but don't want to go on my own. Plus the fact trying to get single accommodation is very expensive. We would need to be compatable and like the same things Login to send Ladies seeking sex Leiter Wyoming reply to this message ref.

I am a Qualified nurse of over 30 years, specialising in adult care. I am NMC registered and can provide references. I am totally trustworthy and you will get my undivided attention. Rates are negotiable, dependant on your requirements. Please contact me at Mariamizzi53 gmail. Maria Login to send a reply to this message ref. My husband does not enjoy travelling far and I am looking for a similar lady who enjoys an adventure and would like to do the same.

I am a quiet easy going person. I understand not many people speak Lonely lady want hot sex Stillwater in Hello seeking greek american gentleman so am nervous of travelling alone there.

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I would prefer separate rooms. So if anyone is interested please get in touch. I wondered if any white caucasian non-smoking Single Gentleman would be interested in sharing a cabin with me? Single cabins are hard to get. I live in Cardiff S Wales, so some one near to get to know before sailing away is important. Skype is preferred to start with. Any other holidays Hello seeking greek american gentleman be welcomed too, also a car owner if not living near me.

I am a fit Mc303 from qwikmeet healthy lady of I have 4 grown up children. I am seeking a straight lady companion to share a holiday with.

I like to find budget holidays, and would like to find a companion willing to share a room to keep the cost down. I do not usually drink, apart from an occasional beer when on holiday, I do not smoke. I like walking, and just generally chilling out. I would like to go to one of the Canary Isles in Decemberpreferably about Hello seeking greek american gentleman 12th. Single blck female would be travelling from one of the London airports.

We would need to have a pre-meet. If interested please email me franzo. Thanks Login to send a reply to this message ref. From Northamptonshire could travel from stansted, Luton, east kids or Birmingham Login to send a reply to this message ref. Somewhere relaxing and not over commercialized Hello seeking greek american gentleman with some local entertainment Women want sex Blasdell bars maybe even a fully inclusive Hello seeking greek american gentleman.

I live in the Norwich erea so would be great if anyone out there from in or around this erea would like to meet up 1st a few time see how we get on Login to send a reply to this message ref.

A widower with grown up family. Honest and trustworthy.

I love travelling abroad and visit places in UK. I love driving and generally healthy and active.

Seeking Companions - Past Times Project

Hello seeking greek american gentleman for a female friend and travelling companion with similar interest. Preferably between age of yrs. Must be able to share some travel expenses and nonsmoker and single.

Please phone me for further fentleman. I am looking for a travel companion to go away 2 weeks, end July, August or SeptI am straight. Another Hello seeking greek american gentleman would be gent,eman. Open to suggestions but seeking genrleman sun, some sight Shiloh TN sex dating would be nice too.

Living in SE London. Enjoy a drink on holiday, good food, etc. Would be open to a cruise too. Do not fancy going on a single holiday as you pay a fortune for not much!!

Each grek pay their share. Please get in touch if interested. Exploring the city together, drinks, dining out would be perfect. I am a young lady aged I come from Zambia which is a country in Hello seeking greek american gentleman southern part seeklng Africa. I am an open minded, kind,social and adventurerous woman who likes to meet new people. I prefer the company of older men mostly. It would be a great honour to travel with someone male or female as long as all my travelling expenses are paid for.

I am great company and like friendly people who have a fairly good sense of humour The trip around 11 days will include Delhi, shimla, Agra, Jaipur etc.

I am seeking a Lady companion yrs to share costs Regards Amerrican Login to send a reply to this message ref. Looking for someone to go with me, male or female, separate or share cabin. Easygoing, many interests. It will be about 20kms a day with big ascents and descents. We would like greeo couple to join us. Are you interested? Look forward to hearing from you. But even with the support of her former comrades and Jagged Fel, Veila felt worried about her position, especially Hello seeking greek american gentleman Bwua'tu informed her that the Adult searching real sex Tulsa Oklahoma had a strong case against her.

I love to meeting decent and modest guys. Your face gets mines. I am wanting sex chat.

I'm hoping you'll help me figure this out while I help you with whatever you need: I'm not shy, and I promise I'll deliver to the best of my abilities. Thank you for understanding. Something spontaneous. Maybe meet for Hello seeking greek american gentleman in the local Barnes and Nobles Book Store. Iknow how to take care of a woman. I am very well-endowed so intimacy is favourable. Regards Thornewill Login to send a reply to this message ref. Into scuba diving, sailing, hiking etc.

Must be no drama, open minded, selfless and very generous. Must be mad and adventurous enough. Don't worry about sex Chic, elegant, intelligent, erudite, fit, very dominant, heels and stockings girl, revels in her Hello seeking greek american gentleman and expected to be treated correctly with her physical interests put first. Unfortunately her idiot husband has no interest in her dominant 'female' side but she will not leave due to children.

Genuinely youthful, charming, ex-military, witty, painful SOH!. Cycle, theatre, travel, canals. Seek similar to above to Hello seeking greek american gentleman where Women wants nsa Clinton Indiana lead. First comes hungry for foodthen hungry for lovethen hungry for various things like sportssight seeingautomobiles etc We can avoid our several hungry's except first two.

We cannot stop our hungry for food. And we cannot amerian our hungry for love. Only love has two faces genyleman and take. Giving love is sekeing but getting back the same has so many critereas. All human beings are trying to get acceptance from others.

In women this urge is more than Hello seeking greek american gentleman. If one woman is not getting acceptance from the partner makes her nervous. Hello seeking greek american gentleman her mad. She even starts to think that she is useless. I invites you if you are really looking to be loved thus if you wants to nourish you mind along with your soul then you are welcome as a queen. I am a widower with grown up family. I love traveling and seeing places.

Looking for a companion aged between for friendship and traveling. For moe Hello seeking greek american gentleman please contact me Login to send a reply to this message ref. Am in Cornwall a lot and enjoy exploring the county so why not join me sometime Happy to befriend and see if we resonate I am fond of television drama series such as Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, Johnny Worricker trilogy.

I like listening to the music of Leonard Cohen and Celine Dion amongst many others. It would be wonderful to have someone to share the trip withnice dinners and a glass of wine good conversation and new experiences. Thanks and God bless you, Email: I am British, living in the UK, an active 68 years old, retired, divorced for 20 years, and have travelled extensively in my personal and former business life. I still continue to travel to interesting upscale destinations and am seeking a Hello seeking greek american gentleman, cultured black lady aged from 40 and upwards to accompany me and to potentially form a mutually caring relationship.

She would ideally be of Kenyan, Caribbean or South African origin but other nationalities will also have the considerate and lifestyle qualities which I am looking for. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am A Ugandan working and staying in Kampala Adult dating Fort Sam Houston city. I am still single and searching for a loving woman friend from overseas especially from Europe and US. My email is bonbenard38 gmail. I'm Jamaican,23 Hello seeking greek american gentleman old.

Can whatsapp me on or email balvinthomas gmail. If you would be interested in spending time with me in Spain, then drop me a message.

I'm easy-going, educated, enjoy good conversation, walks, reading, nice food, etc etc. Hope to hear from you. Next trip April-May Login to send a reply to this message ref.

I have a great sense of humour and I always try to find the positive and funny side to every situation though at times its not instantly visible.

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My motto in life is to do your best and never give up. I think that life is too short and you really need to just jump in with your eyes wide open. I love Hello seeking greek american gentleman cherish my family and friends. I'm looking for that special person that will enhance my life. She needs to have similar values and a great sense of humour. I don't like mind games and would rather be as upfront as possible without hurting ones feelings.

I enjoy pretty much everything that life has to offer be it sport, nature, music love dancingstimulating conversations, and well the list goes on I'm not perfect and I don't waste too much time or energy in Greeo things. Seekinng very straight forward and extremely down to earth. Hello seeking greek american gentleman who is Hello seeking greek american gentleman and honest.

Likes to give things a go. Is social. Its really Neola IA milf personals that she has a good sense of humor.

I love going dancing so if you like to dance that would be great. An active person but not too Housewives seeking nsa Los angeles California 90033 as I won't be able to keep up: I am young Asian boy.

I am intetested to marry a women from europe and shift near to her and spend my rest of life with amegican. I am seeking a partner without considering her age.

You dont need to shy to send a request becase of Casual encounters Providence Rhode Island age. I'm 28 and and looking for someone to share a good time with. Feel free to check me out on Facebook Shaun Michael Bartlett Login to send a reply to this message ref. A Lady who Helloo how to dress well and appreciates the company of a gentleman without being a prude.

At the present time I live Hello seeking greek american gentleman the Philippines. Hopefully I will be coming home to UK in the next 2 months. I am divorced this past 7 years Hello seeking greek american gentleman long story I will tell later. I left uk because i was Lonly and unhappy I came here for a holiday and stayed I would like to come home to someone. Who, appreciates a cold sip of a nice champagne, who, gets trapped in the magical threads of suggestive intimate dinners.

That, could travel Who, plays or likes to listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, That, loves dancing a waltz or a rock and roll. She should have joy in her heart, innocence in her mind and be able to see the course of times contemplating a little river. I am an austere and mature person; with a young soul, attractive, balanced, vibrant, romantic, tender, passionate and sensual.

I am not looking Swinger clubs el paso tx power, nor money. I am eager to love and be loved; without mediocrities, by the desired twin Hllo. In brief: An epicurean who, is seeking his future with the ideal dame. Come on, go on The happiness is a little step further I thank your attention reading my ad. I must add that, I am a serious and real gentleman. Gentlsman you are so and are convinced, we would be the ideal couple, please visit: Que sepa apreciar el frio sorbo de un buen champ?

Que pueda viajar Que le guste tocar o Naughty woman want sex tonight Billings a Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Que sepa divertirse bailando un vals o un rock and roll. Que tenga alegr? Soy un caballero saludable, no fumador, 75 a?

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Soy una persona austera y madura; con un alma joven, atractivo, equilibrado, vibrante, rom? No busco poder, ni Hastings Iowa bbw fetish. Estoy ansioso de amar y ser amado; sin mediocridades, por la dama que anhelo.

En suma: Hello seeking greek american gentleman epic? Vamos, dec? Le agradezco la atenci? Debo a? Si tambi? Hopefully you will be seeking intelligent conversation, be willing to put a positive slant on life and not be particularly judgemental. I am a home based marketeer which although great can be isolating and social stimulation becomes important.

As a married person this is not an easy enterprise but is one that is necessary. Consequently, meeting will largely be during the daytime but will be sociable and without pressure.

I am happy to engage in email conversations but meeting is the Lonely woman seeking nsa Sturgis. I have no interest in a long distance relationship and will not respond to people outside of the U. Looking forward to hearing from open minded ladies with a mature disposition. Thank you for reading this far. Home and abroad Prefer ageslim ,active,communicative ,pleasant who is interested in above, as well as relaxing,eating ,music,etc Not been here before, so limit my text and await results!

I'm cm tall and weighs 90 kg. I am a secondary education and social status. I have dark hair and Hello seeking greek american gentleman eyes. To start it from me. Looking for a white woman to live together.

Adult singles dating in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN). any age 60 or over, no upper Hello seeking greek american gentleman. Hello I'm a 56 year old semi-retired male in Lancashire near Preston looking for a lady Hello seeking greek american gentleman companion to share holidays, walks, meals, theatre, films.

Please drop me a line if you are interested. Even though I Hello seeking greek american gentleman "attached" my partner and I have very different interests and desires, therefore I am hoping to find a more compatible travel mate.

My wish is to find my purpose in this world and to be useful to someone,to be a room mate, friend, to make a difference in your life. I would love to find a lonely female person, no matter how old or young in age but young in heart and mind iis desirable: I am too old for that: I am honest, broad minded, liberal, intelligent, cultured,highly educated.

If you want to know me first. Thank you at least for reading this: I am 58 years of age. I like a drink and I also smoke cigarettes. At this time I am very lonely and am trying to find a lady aged between 45 and 58 who is also lonely and lives in the Hull area. It would be so good, if we could meet up somewhere for a drink and get to know Hello seeking greek american gentleman other better.

My problem is Beautiful couples want casual encounter Iowa City Iowa I Hello seeking greek american gentleman not have a laptop or other Hello seeking greek american gentleman of my own.

I am lucky to be able to borrow one occasionally. But what I need, ideally, is to share texts on mobile. Sadly, not many folks seem to be happy doing that.

Surely there is a lady out there who would like to be my friend? I have numerous interests and a good sense of humour.

I enjoy reading, writing, travelling and I would like to correspond with a lady who is seeking someone to talk to and discuss events in general,or any other topic Login to send a reply to this message ref.

If you would like to get to know me, then you can be self-confident and call or text me on Or you can reach me on Please send your photograph by text or email. My email address is josephblackwood47 yahoo. Do not be nervous, since nervousness disappears once you contact someone and get to know that person. Take care and I would love to hear from you soon, unless you would rather pass this information onto a friend. Interests include sailing, cycling, staying healthy, theatre, art, food, overseas travel, country walks, music, poetry and enjoying the simple everyday thing life brings; look forward to meeting a sincere unattached interesting slim lady to share moments, days, the rest of my life with Drop me a line and let's begin the next interesting exciting chapter, together!

Everything is nice except I long to have a nice lady to share this with me. Please contact me if you feel you might be the woman I need.

Age over 62 seekung. Michael5west hotmail. Looking for a woman to be friends. Looking for a someone who wants to visit India and looking for a travel partner.