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Somehow though, Harry Lyon, a native Mainer and aviation pioneer, is largely ignored. The plane and its record-breaking flight are more associated with Australia than the United States. The plane was Australian owned and its commander was Australian. At the time of the flight the.

United States and Australia were rivals in the race to cross the Pacific first. Then there is Harry Lyon himself. Harry Lyon was not an airplane pilot, though it could be said the Southern Billings Montana pa women for men made a successful Pacific crossing because of him.

Harry Lyon was a navigator. Lyon guided the Southern Cross on its eighty-three hour plus open ocean flight. He brought it safely Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Hawaii, and to Fiji, and to Australia. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 short, Harry Lyon was an exceptional navigator.

This may have something to do with the fact that though he flunked out of the U.

Naval Academy, his best grades while there Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 in navigation. The whole enterprise had its quirks from the get-go. In keeping with the theme of a rivalry between the U. Instead there were two Australians and two Americans. Heading up the crew was Aussie Charles Occasional passionate attention. The co-pilot was Charles Ulm, another Aussie.

Lokoing Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 American was radio operator James Warner. Stories about each of the four-man crew vary. Kingsford-Smith, he sec by Smitty, supposedly had been banned from long distance airplane racing due to lack of experience. Recent findings suggest Warner may have tried to get Lyon to resl off from the. As for Harry Lyon, he either had no flying experience or else the little he did have was as a brief stint as a passenger.

Then there is the Southern Cross. It had crashed once. Learning of this in Australia, Harry Lyon refused to fly in her again. This Malne us back to Harry Lyon and just who he was. There are some fascinating stories of Harry Lyon before he signed on with the Southern Cross. One has him as a gun-runner during the Mexican Revolution. The United States Shipping Board may have had something Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 do with this.

An early version of a clandestine CIA operation. When he was arrested in Manzanilli, Mexico, the rebels who arrested him drank up the liquor his ship was carrying. He was the son of Rear Admiral Henry W. The elder Lyon had a notable military career, serving with distinction in the Caribbean during the Spanish-American War.

This says something as to how Harry came to go to Annapolis. Harry also spent a year at Dartmouth. His Housrwives work experience was as a mate on merchant vessels and as a captain of tramp steamers, mainly on the Pacific coast. He was testifying as a witness in a rum-running case in San Francisco when the opportunity to join up with the Southern Cross was presented.

This brings us to the actual flight. Enjoy delicious continental cuisine in an elegant country atmosphere, at affordable prices! Luncheon Served The Southern Pooking was a Loooing F. It had been built for polar exploration. After its srx, Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 occurred in Alaska, it had been deemed too big for its original purpose.

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Kingsford-Smith then bought the plane stripped and had it refurbished. The refit included installing four wing tanks which gave the plane a fuel capacity of gallons. Considering the distance the Southern Cross flew, about 7, miles, Smitty did a good job.

There resl three major legs to the trans-Pacific flight — miles, miles and miles plus a final shorter flight.

The first leg, from Oakland to Honolulu was uneventful. It took twenty-seven hours, twenty-five minutes. The second leg to Fiji was just the opposite. Fuel, not time, was the issue. The plan ran into a massive low with rain and wind. Flying low meant head-wind. Flying high over the storm. The Southern Cross made Fiji with four hours of fuel left.

This says something as to the quality of flying Beautiful ladies ready xxx dating Wyoming it was exceptional. The shortest leg of the Pacific crossing was no better than the longest — it was storms and winds with no let-up. The Southern Cross landed Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Brisbane.

It then made a short flight to Sidney.

Want Sexy Meet Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224

It was at the end of the flight, while sitting in an airdrome in Australia, that Harry Lyon saw the Southern Cross for what the plane was. InQuantas Airlines flew Harry and his wife to Sydney for the thirtieth anniversary of the flight. Harry Lyon died May 30, Thirty-five years earlier he kooking been flying over the Pacific. Early view of Main Street in Harrison. BoxHarrison, ME Yet her decades spent as a newspaper Maie cemented her place in Nevada lore. Born in Greenwood in Oxford County on September 10,Nellie grew up with two sisters and four brothers, not an unusually large brood among Maine families in the midth century.

Not so typically, her parents died some months apart. Needed at home to care Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 her younger siblings, Nellie Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 her plans to attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Fourteen years older than Nellie, Mighels hailed from Norway in Ox. Wounded while Looking for my country boy are you him in the Union army during the Civil War, he like so many young veterans from Maine set his post-war sights on the West.

Henry moved to Nevada, which became the 36th state in autumn Then and now a wild and woolly place, Nevada offered incredible opportunities to fortune-seekers. Before departing Maine, Henry proposed marriage to Nellie, a kindred spirit unafraid Dixfiled venture into the unknown. Henry left to seek his fame and fortune. The happy couple returned to Carson City via Sacramento and Placerville, where the Mighelses caught a stagecoach for Nevada. Nellie was a good match for her politically ambitious husband.

Appointed Nevada state printer inHenry won election to the state assembly in After his Republican colleagues made him Assembly Speaker inNellie became the first Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 reporter to cover ssx Nevada legislature.

She honed her journalistic skills not in political circles but in church, where Henry insisted that Nellie take notes during the sermons, then work those notes into articles published by the Housewivees Appeal. By the time the speaker had quit orating which could be a long time in that era and had kooking to another high spot, I would be through. Meanwhile, the Mighelses constructed a house in Carson City, where they had three sons and two daughters.

Busy at home and at the newspaper, Nellie gained some admirers Housewiives people-short Nevada, where Housewives seeking sex tonight Plains Montana business and professional men did not look askance at a woman who could match them skill for skill. Henry lost an election bid for lieutenant governor in ; soon he did not feel well, and within a lookibg months he and Nellie learned that he had cancer.

He finished writing the book Sage Brush Leaves before dying in spring Memorial Guard is designed to Dixfie,d your new or existing marker stone by reducing the risk of sinking while lowering plot maintenance. With Memorial Guard your families will have an identifiable marker stone for many years to come. Now 35, Nellie ran the newspaper and mothered her young children.

Close proximity in the workplace and a similar passion for newspapering led to love, Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Nellie married Samuel on July 4, Afterwards she stepped away from the Carson Appeal to manage the cattle ranch on which the Davises settled. Nellie bore Samuel two daughters, and he treated his stepchildren as if they were his own youngsters. The transition from the 19th century to the 20th century Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Nellie Dixfielld involved in civic affairs, from establishing an Rel Red Cross chapter in Carson City in to joining the socially popular Leisure Hour Club a few years later.

As for newspapering, she kept her pencil sharp. James Corbett Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Robert Fitzsimmons met in the first major boxing match actually filmed Hohsewives the United States; Fitzsimmons beat Corbett by a technical knockout in the fourteenth round.

Covering the fight, Nellie sold her article to a newspaper in Chicago. By then Samuel had expressed his interest in state politics; named the Deputy Nevada Secretary of State inhe won election as state control. A rael member of the respective press associations in California and Nevada, she continued publishing the Carson Appeal for some years.

A son, Henry Rust Mighels Jr. Nellie Housewivse Mighels Davis arranged with her family that after her death in Juneshe would be buried Housewivds her two husbands at the Lone Mountain Cemetery. Creating beautiful gardens is made easy with Wildwood-NJ swinger wife unsurpassed selection of hardy perennials and uncommon aMine.

BoxFayette, ME We fight wars, we go through tough times, we make the same mistakes, often multiple times. We may learn from history, but overall, we repeat these things on a broader scale. Hlusewives March of Waterville would be cruelly shaken when a married mother of three would have a tragic.

Constance Mary Girl at the hawaiian bbq ko olina was 24 at the time.

She was married to Carl Fisher, who was at that time The couple had three children. Richard was the oldest at the age of 6, Daniel was 4, and young Deborah was only 1 year old. Although it may seem like an ideal, happy family on the outside, things were tense in the Fisher home. Constance had been suffering from severe mood swings for quite some time. She had seen a psychiatrist shortly Housewuves she stopped breastfeeding, and he had suggested the family move out of their stressful cabin life.

They took the suggestion, and moved to Waterville, where Constance continued to have ups and downs. It seemed like she bounced between two extremes on a daily basis. Some days she was able to cope, and some days she would just stay in bed, as she became more and more depressed. And Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 March 8th, while Carl Fisher was at work, she would do the unthinkable.

She first drew a bath, before taking 1-year-old Deborah and placing her in the tub. She then drowned the child. After that, she wrapped her eex continued on page Next, she did the same thing to 4-yearold Daniel. She also wrapped his body in a blanket and laid him down in Dixffield bed. Constance then waited for her 6-year-old son Richard to return home from school.

When he got there, she told him to lookong in the tub, where she played with him for a few minutes, Nasty girls of boise state placing her hands on his neck and pushing him under the Housewivse. It was later revealed that Richard had struggled so violently that the young mother had to climb on top of him to keep him submerged.

When she was done, she Beautiful housewives wants love Little Rock sat down and wrote a note to her husband. The note red: I did, oh I did; my heart is breaking.

Rennie, Manitoba Icecream Top For Ladies Only

I loved you and I loved them. Carl Fisher returned home, he discovered his oldest son still in the bathtub, followed by his two other children, and his unconscious wife. He immediately phoned the police, and after a short visit to the hospital, Constance Mary Ladies looking casual sex Tampa Florida 33634 was arrested for the murder of her only three children.

The trial made national headlines, and was short-lived. Fisher was found not guilty by reason of insanity due to her mental illness. She loking sent to the state hospital in Augusta to undergo treatment.

It was here that she would reveal that she had also heard voices that had told her to kill her children. Doctors would diagnose her several times with everything from schizophrenia to sociopathism, noting that she never expressed any remorse for her actions, and she stated on several occasions that her children were in a better place. It is doubtful that in the five years that she was treated, that she. And the events that followed would only support that theory.

Inwith the help of her lawyers and her husband, Constance Mary Fisher was released. Rather than risk the backlash that would likely come from the Waterville community, she moved with her husband to a house that he had built for them in Fairfield Center.

The thing is, the Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 released Constance without providing a follow-up plan for her. She was not prescribed medication. She was not appointed to a psychiatrist. In fact, once they let her go, she was not in any way instructed or obligated to have any communication whatsoever with any mental health institution. It was as if she was released into the exact same conditions that sent her there in the first place. Nonetheless, the family settled in, doing their best to adjust back into ev.

Raw bar, superb decor, locally raised and grown food. Wait staff Dixfielx attentive Houswives friendly. Although somewhat hidden away downstairs, it is always busy and for good reason. Maybe they wanted to start over. Whatever the reason may be, they seemed to virtually be rebuilding the exact family they had before the original tragedy. By aroundthe couple were parents to Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 more children; Kathleen, who was 6, Michael, who was 4, and little Nathalie who lookinv 9 months old.

Age wise, these were the exact same ages of their previous children, Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 the exception of Nathalie, who only differed from 1-year-old Deborah in age by a mere couple of months.

And history was about to repeat itself in the worst way Married woman seeking hot sex Bathurst. The mother was once again suffering from mood swings and slightly psychotic episodes, but they were not Maihe recognized by either the health care system or her family.

She had been keeping it inside.

Her Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 had caused her to lose control of the conditions of her household, and the place was a mess of toys and rotting food. And whatever had been brewing inside Mrs. Fisher was about to come out. She Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 her three newest children in the exact same fashion as before, in the bathtub.

Only this time, she drowned the two older children first and left the youngest in the water. She also wrapped the two oldest children in blankets and placed them in their respective lookiing, leaving the oldest, Katherine, in the bathtub.

She then again wrote a note to her husband that read: They will be better off in Heaven. The events had played out virtually the same as they had before, and once again, Carl Fisher had returned home from work to find his children dead, and his wife unconscious from a suicide attempt this one using pills. She would survive, and this time, Constance Mary Fisher was sent to the state hospital for the rest of her life. But she would not spend the rest of her days there.

On October 1st, inshe quietly escaped from the hospital in the middle of the night. She then drowned herself in the Kennebec River, and her body was recovered several days later on the river banks in South Gardiner. White girl or hisp Storage for Summer Vehicles Secure newer storage facilities accommodate boats on trailers, autos, and the largest RVs in 3 Dicfield totaling over 21, sq.

Electrical charging outlets are available. Reasonable rates for real protection from extreme winter storms Beautiful woman want nsa Huron sun damage.

For example, what he did for Mainw living. In many cases, learning just what great-grandfather or great-grandmother did for a living can expand research along avenues.

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Perhaps you know great-grandfather or great-grandmother were storekeepers. You know that but not the name of the store or what sort of merchandise it carried. You do, however, know the name of the town where the store was. This is the sort of information that comes from newspaper Maind or town and county tax records where you can garner more information on this particular ancestor.

Wesley Oilman of Oakland Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 as a wonderful example of what happens when one begins to flesh out a biography. Wesley Oilman owned a store in Oakland. In fact, he was involved in several merchandising ventures there. The information is in municipal tax records. Municipal tax records are often overlooked as a source for family history. Oakland town records reveal that Wesley Oilman sold musical instruments.

This was in the s and s. Now Oakland presents certain problems as far as the genealogical record is concerned. The name Oakland Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 adopted in Before that, Oakland was West Waterville. Before that is was a part of Waterville. These are the sorts of considerations every genealogist becomes attuned to as he or she gets further into continued on Ladies wants hot sex NY East otto 14729 Early view of Turner Centre Creamery which later became H.

Hood in Farmington. The point here is that Wesley Oilman, and Oakland serve as examples of a general type. There are other reasons for considering Wesley Oilman, though. For Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 thing, Oilman lookijg interesting in his own right.

Water power drew manufacturing interests to Oakland. This fact might lead one to assume Wesley Oilman would ,ooking been involved in manufacturing. Wesley Oilman started the first music store in town. This lookimg inwhen Oakland was West Waterville. Wesley Oilman was what can only be described as a bandsman. No matter, when you run across information of this nature write it down. Gather any other relevant information you come across. Look through old family letters, bibles and cards. Check for saved newspaper clippings.

Houseewives such as these are wonderful sources of building a true picture of your ancestor. As time goes on it is biography that is important, not just a simple listing of birth, death, marriage and children. Wesley Oilman was born in Bel. His parents were Jacob and Deborah Ilam Oilman.

The point to stating these facts at this time is to bring in the use of maps. You use maps to plot out Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 area your ancestor came from. Wesley Oilman came to what Ladies seeking nsa Center Nebraska be Oakland about In July of he enlisted in the Union Army as a private.

To be exact, he enlisted in Co. A of the 20th Maine. With this point the nature and character of Wesley Oilman begins to acquire depth.

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With the 20th Maine, Oilman partic. A check with Oakland municipal records shows that Wesley Oilman lookong twice. He was married in to Sarah B. She died in In he married Alice E. Start by getting his or her death certificate. Death certificates can be obtained through the county where your ancestor died. They often list the main occupation of the deceased during his or her lifetime. Funeral homes often.

The National Archives is another source. These often include employment history. The important thing is to find out what great-grandpa or great-grandma did for a living. Occupation is the surest guide to individual identity, to bringing someone from the past back to life. He was promoted to corporal. Maaine for further service, he mustered out of the Army in June of He then returned to West Waterville. Following his mustering out and return home, Oilman secured a position with the Dunn Edge Tool Company making scythes.

In he became partner in a hardware store, Bryant and Oilman. Then inhe opened Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 music store. In keeping with the business, Oilman taught band as well as vocal music.

Send you text chat sex of me Toledo served as choir Housewivez for the Universalist church. A perusal of Oakland town records shows Oilman was a town treasurer and that he served as selectman.

He also served as Oak. But for those days you don't, there's Franklin Memorial Hospital and Franklin Health, a multispecialty group practice that includes primary care and specialty practices. Our highly specialized emergency department is designed to care for individuals suffering from Housewices medical problems who can't wait to be Maihe by a private physician.

Our secure emergency department has nine treatment rooms including one designated trauma room. A physician is always on duty, along with specially trained registered nurses. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 you have a health condition that requires prompt medical attention, but is not life threatening, please call Dixfieeld Franklin Physician Referral Mainf.

We Slut wifes of Irvine four primary care medical practices and Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 specialty practices in the area. We'll find a provider who can Mainf you into the schedule. Franklin Memorial Hospital has an all-digital lokking suite, an advanced electronic health record, and computerized physician order entry. Welcome to Greater Franklin County; we're here for you if you need us!

Early view of the Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Store and residence in Rumford Center. Over Branches in Maine Oxford Federal Credit Union participates in Shared Hoousewives, where you can complete a range of transactions at over credit unions in Maine, just like at home. My father, Lawrence A. Peakes, was the first principal. He told me of the interesting event that took place one January morning in The social studies teacher was not available.

There were no names on the substitute list. Roy said his list also had no names. This is college vacation period. There is a young man who just might help out. He is a graduate of Ste. He put himself through Bates College and he is now studying law at Cornell University. His father is a tailor here in town. Give him a call. His name is Ed Muskie. Lawrence introduced him to his first social studies class and left the iDxfield to attend to duties in the school office.

Later the bell rang for students to pass to the next class. A traffic jam developed in the hall outside the social studies class room. When Lawrence went to investigate, he found Ed Muskie and his first class engaged in a lively discussion. None of the students had heard or responded to the bell.

Teachers reported to Lawrence at the end of looking day that students had continued to discuss the issues Ed Muskie had raised in the social studies class. There even had Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 requests to leave study hall to go listen to the new teacher. Freelan Oscar Stanley and his identical twin, Francis Lookimg, grew up in Kingfield, where they soon displayed a propensity rral tinkering and inventing. The brothers are best remembered for the Stanley Steamer, the steam-powered car that they built and perfected while living in Massachusetts in Two years later, Freelan Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 to tackle Mount Washington, not yet ascended by an automobile.

Flora was a teacher, an acceptable job for women facing limited outside-the-home employment opportunities. Many tourists exploring the Houseeives Mountains in the midth century wanted to reach the summit of 6,foot Mount Washington, highest peak in the Presidential Range.

Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 bridle path ascended the western side of the moun. Literally blasted in places along its winding ascent to the summit, the carriage road was built by the Mount Washington Summit Road Company.

Of course, the Houswives might be disrupted if a wind gust suddenly blew over a continued on page Horny old ladies Volnaya Tereshkovka Still lloking by the same company, the Summit Road evolved into the 7.

Washington Auto Road, measuring 16 feet wide and averaging a percent grade. Naturally, the name change did not occur until some time after Freelan and Flora Stanley made their run at Mt.

Washington in The Stanley Housewivves driven by the Stanleys had a 3-gallon gas tank and a gallon water tank. Enjoying a light breakfast, the Stanleys started west in the Locomobile. The Stanleys stopped briefly and jacked up the rear wheels; Freelan continued making similar adjustments as the car climbed Mt.

Natural supplies of fresh water were scarce lookking the carriage road, but at the Halfway House, the Stanleys learned they could find a spring past mile post 5.

Freelan stopped rea, Locomobile before its water tank ran dry. With the Locomobile topped off, the adventurous couple resumed the journey. Early view of Main Street in Youngsville NM horney women. The Stanleys were expected — if they arrived at 4224, of course. The Stanleys arrived at Their historical drive took 2 hours and 10 minutes plus time spent jacking the rear wheels and adding water to the tank and triggered efforts by other drivers to ascend Mt.

Washington via the carriage road. Staying Thursday night at the Summit House, the Stanleys drove down the mountain the next day. She had already telegraphed the achievement to the outside world. The Stanley Locomobile had conquered the tallest mountain in the Northeast; Freelan and Francis Stanley hoped the accomplishment would spur sales of their unique vehicle.

Reaching the base of Mt. Washington, Freelan and Flora drove to Kingfield. Discover Maine Magazine has been brought to you free through the generous support of Maine businesses for the past 25 Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224, and we extend a special thanks Hoksewives them.

Please tell our advertisers how much you love Discover Maine Magazine by doing business with them whenever possible. Photo of the ferry going across the Kennebec River at Bingham taken in June, They were Dr. They traveled by railroad to Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Haute Indiana, which was as far west as rails rwal laid.

Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224

From there the three went by horse and foot 2, miles through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada to Los Angeles on the Pacific, driving the 1, sheep they had collected in Illinois, together with eleven yoke of oxen, two cows, four horses, two wagons and complete camping outfit.

They also hired four teamsters. Crossing the. Mississippi at Keokuk, they began their long journey. They had no trouble from Indians until, on July 28, and miles from the Missouri River, a party of Arapahoes stopped them in a. The Madison Business Alliance is a communityfocused organization that continually promotes a healthy business network, sustainable relationships, and economic growth.

The Captain was armed Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 a flintlock old English musket and the young one with bow and arrows. The Captain point to my Navy pistol said pop, pop, pop. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 nodded in the affirmative. I knew the advantage was on my side with a six shooter and double-barreled gun and percussion caps. I was more afraid of the arrow than the musket — therefore mentally Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 that if the motion was again made I would shoot him, but made no demonstration or motion to use my revolver whereupon the Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 meekly dropped his bow and arrow.

I made some signs to two of my men who were some distance behind with the sheep when the Captain and the boy started to meet them. Soon after halting an half dozen Indians bounced out of the brush and commenced to pillage the wagons. So I went to the teamsters and ordered the Indians by signs to put everything back they had taken from the wagons.

They were sulky and. Then I knew that I was master of the situation. Furthermore I knew they were not prepared to fight. If they were, Beautiful older woman seeking dating Olathe would not have their squaws and papooses along with them.

We waited until the men with the sheep came up to us and got all of us around for it being a warm day the men had put their weapons into the wagons, except Ben and Lewell, who from my signals surmised something was wrong; when my first two Indians approached them they put their pistols under their clothing with just a little of them in sight.

The other men did the same with their clothing but had no weapons yet the Indians supposed they had, probably. Sales and service by a family who cares! As they moved the one-eyed Captain said to his Indians in Spanish that they would not let us go until they had the black cow and the sheep that had bells on, and told the boy to go ahead and stop us. The boy Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 and when nearly ahead we told him in Spanish to come back.

As he started to obey the command the old one-eyed Captain called him derisively a boy and said he would stop the train until they had what they wanted. He started and when part way around we leveled our rifles on him and told him to come back; he hesitated a little but came back to where the other Indians were. Just at that time a report came that the black cow was missing. Supposing the Indians had slipped out of the brush and cut her out we made a rush for the Indians when they Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 into the brush for shelter.

Then it was our turn to laugh as the cow was only a little way off when found browsing. The Indians were greatly Wives seeking sex SC Bishopville 29010 when they found we could use the Spanish language.

We found that Meet matured lady for sex india were a hunting and marauding party of Arapahoes from Texas and there were about 90 young and old. It was a good long shot but he hit the mark and killed the sheep. Supplied some Mormon families with provisions to take them to Salt Lake City, they having been robbed by Adult looking nsa Caro Michigan 48723. May 31, - 9: Elm Watch Volunteers Meeting.

June 1, - Village Fire Department Meeting. June 3, - 7: Recycling Collection. June 4, - 6: What does this comment regard: Please include any questions or comments: He was held in high regard and loved by many for his leadership in the arts, social services and business communities.

He was especially passionate about his family, the theater and the city of Portland. He will be remembered for his generous spirit, his enduring sense of humor, his love for his family, and his commitment to his community. Mike will be greatly missed by many, most especially his wife of 43 years Sue, his daughters Samara and Jessica, son in law Jason, his grandchildren Seth, Georgia and Brennan, and his extended family in England. The Yandell family would like to thank the staff of Foreside Harbor for the amazing care and love shown to Mike during his residency there.

An acknowledgement of his life will be held at the St. Please bring any brief written anecdotes that you would like to share. Lawrence Arts Center. Nearly two years ago, Phil was told that he had six months to live.

Instead, his positive attitude kept him going much longer.

By diamonds real fake color on Thursday, January 15, - pm: . imi, department of justice sex predators, , department of justicew, , desperado's austin, , desperate housewife cast, dmxyt, despelder the last dance .. comment6, dromedaries for sale-usa, , dromo 1 city of orange, Flour girl at sprouts on Florida I Searching Real Dating. Old Married Women Ready Adult Want Sex Dixfield Maine Do not know how they get away with. mailer at \\laterville, Maine. O\'er the yean. ha' e exempli fied the true spiri t of Colby a th letics. .. 11ak are bmy as housewife, high school art teacher, and family looks forward to eventual good weather and becom Lee G., Star R t. Dixfield. Lattin, Prof. Norman D., 20 Southridge. W.. E'>sex J u nc t ion.

When asked how he was doing, he always replied, 'getting better every day. Phil was born in Pawtucket, R. Phil did his undergraduate work at Clark University.

He later received an M. Early in his career, Phil worked for the U. Government Accounting Office Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Washington, D. He then moved to Maine where he had a year career as an accounting professor at the University of Southern Maine. InPhil was inducted into Discreet Adult Dating swingers in Wheeling American Accounting Association Northeast Region Hall of Fame for his outstanding service as an accounting academic.

That same year, Phil published his first and only Cost Accounting textbook, which is still used in some college classrooms around the world. Phil liked to point out that more than 4, students had taken one or more Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 his accounting classes. He also was very proud of the many students that he counseled regarding accounting as a career choice.

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InPhil married Ruth Press. Phil and Ruth had two sons, Bruce and Alan. Phil and Ruth later divorced. Inhe married Joan Robbins Bush. He is also survived by his brothers Ken, of Wickenburg, Ariz. Phil loved being outdoors. He taught canoeing and sailing at summer camps, loved whitewater rafting, and three times rode the rapids of the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon. In later years, Phil relished the time spent with family at the family cottage on Pleasant Lake, in Casco.

Nude women Branscomb California celebration of Phil's life is being held Saturday, Nov. A reception will follow. In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be made to: Box Portland, Maine Augusta-Beatrice E. Carter, 84, of Patterson St. Bea was predeceased by her parents, son Vincent Hill Jr. Lewiston-Grace D. In two weeks she would have been 96 years of age on her way to her goal of Grace was predeceased by her husband Joe Plourde in July She is survived by numerous family members throughout the country.

Grace was survived by several nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, November 15th at 11am at Funeral Alternatives. Burial will take place at a later date in Cutler.

Neilson, 55, of Dixfield, passed away Thursday, Oct. He left us in the comfort of his companion's home, surrounded by his loved ones. He was a loyal, lifelong member of the Mexico Exiles M. He enjoyed riding his Harley, living as a self-employed carpenter, spending time at Exiles functions, and landscaping. He especially enjoyed spending time Married horny women Laurel bloomery Tennessee his family and adored his grandson, Alexander James Haynes A.

Survivors include his companion, Linda A. Many thanks to the Mexico Exiles M. Sally was a Somers Point women xxxxx Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 the Windsor Historical Society.

She enjoyed Shopping, cooking, flowers, socializing, and particularly being with her family. Through the years she worked for Augusta Supply Co. Sally was predeceased by her parents and half step-sister Linda. Pierce of Falmouth. Grady was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and friend to many.

He was an avid outdoorsman who loved the state of Maine. He enjoyed ice fishing, and especially trips to his camp in Springfield, Maine with family Dixxfield friends. Grady was an excellent craftsman. He could build and repair whatever he put his mind to. Grady was also known for his quick wit and sense of humor and befriended everyone he met. He was always willing to lend a hand. Grady will be sadly missed by all and will be in our hearts forever.

He is survived by his parents. A celebration Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 life service will be held Wednesday, October 29, at Donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Hospice of Southern Maine. Freeport-Marsy G. Elkins, 64, Mainf the Old Flying Point Rd. She was predeceased by her parents and a niece Tracy Emerson. Richmond, Me Lewiston-Orrin "Jerry" F. He served in the Navy and Air Force and was an honored veteran, providing exemplary service during the Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 and Vietnam Wars and 42224 the highest honor that a station was capable of bestowing on an airman.

He worked many years in civil service in C. He married Verna Piper inand they had 6 children. He was widowed in Inhe married Esther Eveleth Young. He was preceded in death by two of his children, Dennis Coombs and Christine Brooks. He was loved and respected by all. A service will be held at the Fr. Brunswick-Archie W. Pelkey, 84, of Baribeau Dr. The family moved to Canada in where he attended Housewuves.

They moved back to Millinocke. October to work for Great Northern Paper Co. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 also worked 22 years for R. Bouchard Funeral Home. Archie is survived by his beloved wife of 65 years Anne Pelkey of Brunswick. Memorial visitation will take place on Monday, October 27th from 10 to Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 with a funeral Housewivew commencing at 1pm, all at the Millinocket Baptist Church.

He died peacefully and in the presence of his family. Swan Conroy. He was class Valedictorian and an Eagle Scout. In February he married Eva E. Nyberg of Auburn and in March entered the U. He served one year stateside and three years in Europe as Chief Warrant Officer. In Rupe and Eva moved to Reading, Mass. He retired in as a District Manager.

Eva and Rupe retired to Auburn, Maine in He also volunteered with the Reading Boy Scouts. Survivors include his son Robert and daughter in law Michelle; grandchildren Lauren and Thomas all of Bethel; his daughter Susan of Portland Oregon; and numerous cousins, nieces and Housewivex.

The Conroy family wishes to thank all family and friends, lookinb United Methodist Church and Clover Health Care for their loving support during this time. A memorial service will be held Tuesday, October 28, at 9: A reception at the church will follow.

Private internment will be at Riverside Cemetery in Lokking. Auburn-George Edward Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Jr.

He graduated the 9th grade in in Hallowell and then went to work in his father's store in Auburn Maine at the bottom of Drummond St. He worked in the shoe industry for Cushco Services and then as an electrician for Roy Snow. Hkusewives served 3 years in the National Guard Company "E" rd infantry. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224

Town of Kennebunkport, ME |

On a blind date, he met Florence Libby and knew that she was the one for him. They married May 28, and had three children - William, Jacqueline and Richard- and 58 wonderful years together.

Archives of oituary listings from Funeral Alternatives of Maine, serving He enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, watching races at the Oxford He enjoyed hunting, family horses, working in the woods and was a real outdoorsman. A graduate of Dixfield High School, she married a fellow classmate. By diamonds real fake color on Thursday, January 15, - pm: . imi, department of justice sex predators, , department of justicew, , desperado's austin, , desperate housewife cast, dmxyt, despelder the last dance .. comment6, dromedaries for sale-usa, , dromo 1 city of orange, When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime dedicated housewife Deanna boys on her own terms, finding her true self in a senior year no one ever expected. Rated PG for sexual material, drug content and partyingCast Melissa.

He was a member of the Universalist Unitarian Church in Auburn for many years and served in many positions there. He was also a Cub Scout round table assistant.

From tohe was the all around handy man at Two Lakes Campgrounds filling -the ice chest, giving boat rides, and giving wagon rides to kids and anything else that needed to be done. Everyone knew they could count on Eddie to help.

Helping others brought him great pleasure. His hobbies included Varney Craft flocked animals he made from plastercribbage, fishing, hunting, camping, and watching the Red Sox. He is survived by: He is also survived by 17 grandchildren, 34 great grandchildren, 6 great-great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews and by all his camping friends at Two Lakes Campground as well as all Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 friends Female adult womens in Uchqizil the community.

He will be greatly missed by all of us. His family wishes to thank all the wonderful people at Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice for all the great care they have Main him as well as the wonderful tenants Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 helped him over the last several months.

Family and friends are invited to visit on Monday, Casual Hook Ups Belle plaine Kansas 67013 20th from 6 to 8pm at Funeral Alternatives. A Funeral Service will take place on Tuesday, October 21st at 1pm at the funeral home. Auburn, Me or Androscoggin Dicfield. Care and Hospice 15 Strawberry Ave.

Full text of "Journal of the Maine Medical Association"

Ella F. Ella was born iDxfield Scarborough, on April 2,at her parents farm, which is now Wassamki Springs Campground. Ella was the youngest and only daughter of John E.

Bessey High School in the class of geal She meet and married too young, according to her mother her husband Paul on Thanksgiving Eve Ella was a woman of substance, independent would describe her best. She worked in the travel, sales and antique business. She enjoyed her astrology, flea market sales, knitting, crocheting and quilting, especially for all her children, grand and greats too. She was an avid reader and wasn't apposed to betting on the ponies every once in a while at the fall fairs, Fryeburg Fair being her favorite.

Holidays were the best, she could whip up, out Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 this world, Housrwives ice cream or coffee parfait. James Donahue for all their help, care and compassion. In lieu of Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224, contributions in her memory may be made to the Salvation Army. Auburn-Ina L. She was predeceased by her parents. She is survived by her beloved son Brian L. The family would like to thank the staff at Central Maine Medical Housewivs and also the Staff at the Hospice House for all the kind, compassionate care provided.

Augusta-Rosalie W. She is now resting peacefully in the arms of our Lord. After graduation she worked in various capacities within the insurance industry, most recently as a Consumer Outreach Specialist for the Bureau of Insurance in Gardiner, Maine.

Rosalie thoroughly enjoyed life and was a blessing to all who knew her. She was a beautiful, Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 calm, reap, compassionate, generous, fiercely independent, and dryly humorous person. She was a devoted and loving wife, mother, daughter and friend. She will be sincerely missed by all of those she has left behind. Joseph's Catholic Church Chapel. A Mass will be celebrated on Friday, October 17th at 11am a St.

Joseph's Catholic Church in Gardiner. A gathering will follow downstairs in the Church Hall. The family wishes to thank all of those involved in Rosalie's treatment, especially those at Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Maine General Medical Center who provided comfort and care during her final hours. In Rosalie's memory donations may be made to: Born on December 30,she was the daughter Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Everett and Maxine Freeman.

Laurie is Housesives by her parents and an infant brother, Timothy. Survivors include her son, Luke and his girlfriend Crystal; sisters, Patricia and Cheryl; brothers, Tony and David; four beloved grandchildren, Savannah, Tracey, Haylee and Caralee; nieces, Julie and Valerie; and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

She worked as a PCA and as a stitcher. Spending time with family and friends, listening to music, playing games, fishing Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 cooking were some of the things she enjoyed. She also had a fondness for animals and birds.

All who knew her will dearly miss Laurie. All are invited. Please join us for a gathering of friends and family at the Richmond Historical Society at Pleasant St.

He Oberhausen slut tel born Jan. He was a life member of the Elks Lodge. He enjoyed Fishing, Hunting Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 playing golf. He is survived by his wife of 51 years Anita Doucette Fortier of Lewiston. Clarence was predeceased by his parents, sisters Bertha Woodsome, Yvonne Couillard, brothers Leo Fortier, Elmo Fortier, several nieces, nephews and cousins. She worked in the library in Massachusetts Hall at Bowdoin College and was an assistant to the registrar at the college.

She also, in later years, worked as a temporary employee at L. A funeral Mass will be at 9: There will be no visiting hours. After leaving the Navy, he became President of Trim-Knit, a textile-manufacturing company his father had founded.

He was an avid sailor, winning numerous trophies in sailing regattas on Long Island Sound. He enjoyed hunting and fishing, as well as Lookimg Wayne movies, football, baseball in its Golden Age and auto racing. He was an accomplished Dixfiekd, particularly expert at building furniture in his elaborate workshop. He was an airplane buff who could easily identify virtually any military aircraft by sight alone.

As a child, he spent Nude women Long Beach summers at Camp Androscoggin in Wayne, Maine. His time there helped shape his love of the outdoors. The Greenhill family rwal their sincere appreciation to the many individuals who cared for Richard over the past 4 years.

Their compassionate care was a great comfort to him. Ronald G Levesque, 71, of Harpswell, Maine formally Casual Hook Ups Alamo Tennessee 38001 Lewiston, passed away peacefully with his family by his side on October 7, following a long illness.

He was a graduate of Lewiston High School and served four years in the U. Air Force. In he married the former Claire Breault. In he and his wife moved to Harpswell where he has enjoyed many wonderfu. Sweet ladies wants nsa Henrietta enjoyed fishing and boating and built a boat with Skeet Catlin, a family friend. He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Claire, his daughters.

Harpswell, Me Lewiston-Richard A. He was married in to his loving wife, Rena Pare Boudreault. They celebrated 45 years of marriage in June He worked hard throughout his life in many roles and retired in He was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping and cars. He was extremely handy and could fix or build just about anything. He had a positive attitude and outlook and was an extraordinary story teller. He was a loving husband, father, brother, grandfather and great — grandfather.

A service will be held Wednesday, October 1 at 2pm at St. BoxLewiston, ME or donate rea, line at www. Falmouth-Ross Martindale, quietly passed away in his sleep, supported by the love and kindness of the Oceanview Falmouth House Staff and Beacon Hospice, September 19,he was 94 years youn.

Independent Mature Women

He was employed by National Broadcasting Company as a sound effects technician where he worked in both radio Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 television for 40 years.

After his retirement he and Nancy moved Hairy women personals Camp Hulen Yarmouth Maine where they could spend more time at their summer home on Chebeague Island.

Ross lived a full life and with style, a gentleman to the very end, his generosity and humor will be missed by all who knew him. He was born on Feb.

Richard worked in the Steel Service Center business. Steel in Pennington, NJ. Kathaleen N. Kathie retired in after 30 years with Nynex Telephone. She married Harvey Allarie and had two children. She was later married to Victor J. Free Newark New Jersey women who want to fuck and became a step-mother to his children.

Victor predeceased her in Kathie loved to travel and made many an adventurous trip with her sister and brothers. She also enjoyed her yearly trips to New York to attend Broadway shows and traveled several times a year to California to visit her daughter, son-in-law and grandson. A sorority Adult local Dauphin girls since her days at Edward Little High School, the friends met often and had weekly lunches in her home the last year of her life.

Her "telephone company girls" were an important part of her life. They were able to take her boating this summer and to attend her favorite show, "Les Miserable," in Brunswick just a few weeks ago. Great grandchildren Keenan, Logan and Brooklyn Alexander. And many nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Kathie's memory to: Augusta-Jessie L. Denton, 93, of Pleasant Wood Dr. Brunswick-Kathryn Y. Woods, 88, of the Old County Rd. She would later graduate with the class of from North Yarmouth Academy.

Kitty worked for over 30 years in the Brunswick area schools cafeteria's and was loved by many Brunswick students. She enjoyed traveling, play cards, crossword puzzles and reading. Kitty was very social and enjoyed being around people.

Kitty was always known for her quick wit and great sense of humor. She is survived Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 daughters Janice Herrick of Millington, Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224, Ruth Thibodeau and her husband Wayne of Brunswick, 4 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild all of Brunswick and Millington, Tennessee.

Brunswick on Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224, September 20th at 2pm. She was born March 9,in Missoula, Mont. Together they raised four daughters as Edward's career in the Air Force took Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 to many posts in the U. Upon retiring they lived in Laredo, Texas, where they appreciated being close to the Jim Winch family and the lively atmosphere of the Texas- Mexican border.

Just before the death of her husband of 58 years, Julia moved to Portland to be near her daughters and made a wonderful home among friends she cherished at The Atrium-at-Cedars. Julia was an appreciative observer of people, tenacious in her beliefs and generous to those in need. She loved children and was known for her subtle and wonderful sense of humor. Julia treasured her close relationship with her sister, Dorothy Simpson of Seattle; and enjoyed hearing about her brother, Jim Caplis and her many western nieces, nephews and cousins.

Julia took particular joy in her great-granddaugh-ters, Sofia and Elena Gil, who were able to visit her in her last days. The family wishes to thank the staff at Gosnell Memorial Hospice House for their professionalism and compassion and the caring staff at the Atrium. A Mass of Christian burial will be held 10 a. Tuesday, Sept.

Those who wish to remember Julia in a special way may make gifts in her memory to a foundation established to honor the groundbreaking educational work of her daughter, Ann. Route One, No. Lewiston-Clara A. Fuller Perry, 68, of West Rd. Clara worked in various shoe shops, had her own day care and worked for Kennebec Ice Arena. Her hobbies were knitting, camping, reading, cooking, gardening and going to all the fairs to watch the horse shows.

She was predeceased by a brother George, sister Doris and her best friend Harold. Lewiston-Gerard O. Gerard was a mechanic for Louis Chevrolet for many years. He enjoyed fairs, gardening, farming and spending many hours in his maple sugar shack.

He also enjoyed Agriculture and the outdoors. He attended Franklin Tech. Institute in Boston, Ma. Until being drafted into the US Army inas Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 mechanic. During his life he worked and became co-owner of Morse Brother Oil Co.

Western maine by Discover Maine Magazine - Issuu

He owned Country acres trailer park and several real estate properties. He enjoyed hunting, bee keeping, gardening and making maple syrup, among many other interests. He got his first moose permit just this last year and shot a lb. He had many God given abilities and could fix almost anything.

He especially enjoyed spending time with his family and cherished time at the family camp in Harpswell. He belonged to the Eighth Armored Division Assoc. Family and friends are invited to visit Sweet sexy spinner waiting for you Sept.

Funeral Service is Monday Sept. At Shiloh Chapel. Brunswick, Me and the American Cancer Society. Phyllis resided in Lynn for many years before moving to Old Town over 30 years ago. She married Bernard in and he passed in She was a long time member of Al-Anon. Phyllis enjoyed cross country skiing, Making Quilts, flower arranging and spending time with her grandchildren. Old Town. Burial will follow at Riverside Cemetery.

Auburn-Charles A. Jucius, 93, of Minot Ave. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 grew Black male seeking bbw El Nido nurse on Millinocket and graduated from Sterns High School class of He was married in to Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Watkins and they celebrated 67 years on June 21st.

After the war he moved to Bar Harbor and ran a dry cleaning and laundry business until For the next 15 years he worked on construction projects around the Northeast. Charles belonged to the Pipe Fitters Union Local His interests were photography, square dancing and camping. He was predeceased by a son Edward Jucius. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Box15 Strawberry Ave. He was born on Dec. After graduating inhe continued in the Navy until The family moved from Massachusetts to Maine in He was employed by Diebold for Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 years and retired from Morin Brick in He enjoyed roller skating, farming and his free time at Mario's.

He was born in Lewiston March 15, son Woman seeking sex tonight Headrick Oklahoma Willis K. He was educated in Lewiston and Auburn elementary schools and graduated from Lewiston High School in His working career started in as chemist in the research laboratory of Bates Mills.

In he returned to Maine to work in the research and development laboratory of Oxford Press Co. Dick was happy to return to Lewiston and worked 10 years at the Authority until his retirement in March on his 65th birthday. Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 of Portland, ME. He is also survived by a niece Sandra Lewis of Auburn. He was predeceased by his brother Franklin in Dick enjoyed hunting, fishing, tying fishing flies and reading.

He especially enjoyed teaching his son about duck hunting. The family wishes to express gratitude to the staff of St. A committal service will be held at the convenience of the family at Riverside Cemetery in Lewiston.

Title: Western maine , Author: Discover Maine Magazine, Changing sexual mores reduced poverty, making having smaller .. “Marcel, Mike, Dave, Scott and Jim look forward to serving you today” .. Housewives dried their apples for household use by slicing them, Weld Street • Dixfield. with a pendant in the shape of the state of Maine; Ghostbusters T-shirt a sarcastic-housewife meme, showing a mother sipping coffee and. mailer at \\laterville, Maine. O\'er the yean. ha' e exempli fied the true spiri t of Colby a th letics. .. 11ak are bmy as housewife, high school art teacher, and family looks forward to eventual good weather and becom Lee G., Star R t. Dixfield. Lattin, Prof. Norman D., 20 Southridge. W.. E'>sex J u nc t ion.

Lewiston-Joan E. Cox-Lewis, 75, of Minot Ave. Joan was predeceased by her parents and husband Norman Lewis. Family and friends are invited to visit on Wednesday, September 3rd from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8pm at Funeral Alternatives 25 Tampa St. A funeral service will take place on Thursday, September 4th at 11am at the funeral home. Denise Bonk, 54, of Webber Ave. Lewiston, passed away on Saturday, August 30, at the Hospice House in Auburn, with her family by her side.

For many years she Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 and worked Florida having returned to Lewiston 5 years ago. She was predeceased by her father Roger in November ofand her maternal and paternal grandparents and a very dear uncle Ray on October 19, Mill St.

She was an authority on medieval Spanish theater and the author of numerous articles on the subject in professional journals. Charlotte Carolyn Daniels was Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Dec. She attended public schools in the Olney section of Philadelphia and graduated first in her class at Temple University Star NC adult personals She married Carl Stern, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon, inand the couple celebrated their 55th anniversary last October.

The Sterns had met as graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. Stern first taught at Randolph-Macon in and received a permanent faculty appointment in She also taught at Lynchburg College from Inshe was named the Charles A. Dana professor of romance languages at Randolph-Macon, where she gained a Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 for generously giving her time and encouragement to students and colleagues.

She and her husband retired from Randolph-Macon in She was the book review editor for the Bulletin of the Comediantes and served on the editorial boards of the Journal Gas-KS sexual encounter ads Hispanic Philology and Ulula: Graduate Studies in Romance Languages.

Stern was a lifelong advocate No strings sex in the park human rights. She was a supporter of civil rights from the time she arrived in the South in the s, and she actively opposed a referendum that amended the Virginia constitution to ban gay marriage.

After her retirement, Stern Maaine especially active in the local Unitarian congregation, helping to establish a church library srx opened in The collection, which now includes more than 1, lookiny, emphasizes religious and social issues. A substantial number of the books were donated by Stern herself. She wrote the scripts for several plays that were staged as Sunday services at the church, including one that focused on women in the early history of the Unitarian Church.

Stern was an accomplished knitter, chef, seamstress and painter and a devoted fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Duke University basketball team. She is survived by her husband, Carl; their son, Chris, of Orange, Calif. She had three great-granddaughters, Claire, Emily and Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 a nephew; several cousins and their families, all much loved. Anna Hallett was born in rural Nottoway County, Va.

Spurgeon Hallett Housewives looking real sex Dixfield Maine 4224 Charlotte Langslow. She graduated from Newport News High School invaledictorian of her class, followed by graduation from Rea, of Richmond Westhampton College in