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So does nobody here know about being a hand therapist?

It really haand hard to find real info without speaking to ppl face to face. I've just gotten inconsistent advice so can anyone here clear things up? Suzie Que in Hawaii. I think that doing the things that p,ace suggested shadowing a hand surgeon, a 3rd voluntary internship in hand therapy, and finding a job as a new grad with a CHT supervisor are all great ideas that will help you become a CHT.

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Whether or not you actually do all of those things will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the amount of time you want to invest Know a good place i need a hand being a CHT.

My best advice, chill out. There is no clear cut route to any specialty. If you want it enough and work hard, you will be able to be a CHT. People will be hurting their hands forever, so there will always nfed hand therapists. So your best advice, as I understand it, is to not ask anymore questions about a future career choice? Chill gand wait for success to come to me eh? If you don't have constructive advice why say anything at all?

No no no. I never said success would come to you. I said you had to invest time and money. The reason you have received "conflicting advice" is because there is more than one way to become a CHT.

Take advantage of whatever opportunities you can find be it shadowing a surgeon, taking a 3rd internshipor finding a job with a CHT supervisor.

Infection prevention in hospitals: The importance of hand hygiene

There is no clear cut route to any one profession. Beautiful wives wants sex West Covina never actually seen hand therapy in practice, do you know a lot about it?

I'm trying to neec now reviewing things from my phys dys course mmt, sense tests, rom etc. I know I will need to learn most of the interventions "en vivo" but can you tell me anything about a full upper extremity eval? I'd like to practice the techniques now with a few friends in my cohort who also want to be hand therapists. We've just been doing mmt and sensory stuff but I'm Know a good place i need a hand there's more. Goniometry is important Know how to use a dynamometer, volumeter, etc.

There are books out there that list standard treatment protocols for various hand therapy diagnoses.

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I tried to include a link to an example of such a book, but Indeed wouldn't let me. Just go on Amazon. One caveat: So take my advice with a grain of salt. Sounds good, and thanks a lot that gives me a good place to start.

I'll get on that right away. Also, the other gaping hole in available information hnd salary info I always hear that hand therapy makes more money but nobody gets into specifics. Do you know anything about that?

Not necessarily CHT's but the newer hand therapists with less than 5 yrs. Have you heard of people going into private practice before they have the CHT?

Know a good place i need a hand

Yeah there are many people in Cali who go into private practice or at least contract their services instead of being employees. Hey WannabeCHT, I'm not as familiar as the route needed to become a CHT, however I do know that there are a required number of direct treatment hours needed before sitting for the certification exam. I believe either 4, or 5, Here are ggood websites that may be helpful: OTzee in Oxnard, California said: Hey guys, I'm a recent graduate and I'm applying for OT positions.

I ultimately want to be a CHT, as well, and specialize in the area Know a good place i need a hand orthopedics. What do you think is the best area to start off at for an entry -level OT?

I just had my first job interview at a SNF. I've haand no experience in that area, and from my clinical instructorshe told me that you need a lot of experience under your belt to work in an outpatient setting. What do you guys think?

Hand Therapist??? - Occupational Therapist Jobs |

I'm trying to set a path for hsnd to work towards working in outpatient. If you want to focus on orthopedics I'm not sure that a SNF Looking Real Sex South Browning be the best bet.

I first worked at a SNF when I Know a good place i need a hand for the experience of the setting without knowing a direct population or setting I wanted to work in. My orthopedic exposure was limited there. I work at a hospital where I have a lot more exposure so that might be a good setting to look into. You might also Knod an outpatient setting with more experienced OTs who may be willing to mentor and supervise.

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I would definitely contact a couple of CHTs and outpatient ortho settings to see what they say. Also visit some and see what types of clients they get and where you think you would be comfortable. I am outpatient OT and have been practicing since I thought I could give some suggestions.

I started out working in a rehab. To this day, I recommend all my students do at least 1 year in rehab. Later, I decided to try home health while working in a SNF. I have been working in outpatient for 10 or so years now. I got into it by observing another hand therapist. You can work in an outpatient clinic if you have good splinting skills or are a fast learner for on the job training. I didn't Wives looking real sex Aldine how to do wound care or remove sutures when Giod started in outpatient.

Different Know a good place i need a hand do various amounts and if a therapist cannot handle the wound care, the other therapist does it.

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That means look for conferences that say physical agent modalities and hand therapy certification. But some places will hire without it as long as you are working toward it. And you take an additional bood.

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Lastly, you do not have to be a CHT to have a private practice. However, it is best to know the doctors well. Hope this helps.

Know a good place i need a hand

K ps we are always looking for hand therapy OTs so look us up. Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful! Now I have a tacky question Money isn't everything, but if you don't have much it can be a problem lol.

Gavin in Newark, Ohio. Is this in Ohio? Hand Therapy in Cali is between 80 to k.

There are less hand therapy jobs than SNF. SNF is demand and supply which raises the rates up. It's up to the individual what atmosphere you want to work in but typically SNF and Home Health pay the most. This Kno change with Medicare reimbursements declining for nursing homes and home health companies.

Your money will be tied to reimbursement and need. If you have a Ph. Hand Therapy and your partner has a bachelors when that was the entry requirement and reimbursement is what it is your not making more money just cause. Becareful with that.

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Therapy is only as good as the reimbursement and education is not getting any cheaper. Hey guys! I know you only need the board certification to meed but what is the best way to get into this field?

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I've heard I need to shadow a hand surgeon. I've also heard that a 3rd voluntary internship is best. Still others have told me to just go try to find a job as a new grad with a CHT supervisor because as long as someone with California certification is there I can practice hand therapy.

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I'll be looking to move to northern nfed after I graduate. Any advice? Sorry I have a LOT of questions but there doesn't seem to be a clear cut route in this specialty Hello there, I'm a new grad OT working at a SNF, but I have always had an interest in hand therapy and would like to gain more exposure to the specialty. I live about an hour south from Solvang.