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Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul

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Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul love the relationship these three brothers have, and the relationship they have with their women. View all 47 comments.

And I pray that the girl who claims your tender heart is just as sweet as you. Someone to care for your fragile soul. Someone to cherish the gentle gift that you are, when I am no longer here to do so She is one of the reasons why I started blogging.

What I knew before going into this book was that it was going to mess with my emotions, and oh boy did it ever. I certainly shed a few tears reading about the Sweet Shy boy who finds his way out of the darkness with the help of a Beautiful Silent girl.

Levi Carillo is the youngest of the Carillo brothers and the one with the biggest heart. It would seem that he's got everything going for him. He's on the starting offensive line for his college football team, and usually voted MVP. He's gorgeous, smart, and has a loving family, but the pain and Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul he feels over his mother's death, has haunted him for the past six years.

Levi is painfully shy and avoids social situations at all costs. He has felt like a lost soul, unable to move Horny chinese in Rector with his life since the death of his mother.

His brothers and family constantly worry about him, because he keeps himself so closed off from friends and normal college shenanigans. Elsie Hall is a young woman who has not had it easy for most of her eighteen years of life. Her mother was disabled and also addicted to drugs.

More often than not, her mother failed to provide the basics needed to keep them both safe, warm, and well nourished. They lived most of their years together being homeless and hungry.

Through it all, Elsie never blamed her mother, xhy only held so much love in her heart for her instead. But circumstances cause Elsie to be separated from her mom and soon after being placed in a facility she learns of Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul mother's untimely death. Not sturious does she find herself utterly alone but she crosses paths with a ruthless bully who causes her to live her Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul in silence and eventually she finds herself back out on the streets.

Elsie's life will begin to change on the fateful night she is caught trying to steal Levi's wallet from his locker. She ends up taking something that means the world to him and at first Levi is devastated but then he recalls the haunted look of the frail girl with the huge expressive eyes and he can't help but feel true compassion for her.

She manages to get away from him at first but eventually when Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul runs into him again she's lucky to have Levi and his brothers come to her rescue. Levi has never felt anything for a girl until Elsie. He has this strong need to protect and stand up for her. The once shy young man now has to find his voice to speak up for the girl who seems to be even more shy than he stuxious.

But there is a reason why she refuses to talk and when you get the whole story, it will be hard not to shed a tear for her. I also have to say that some of the poignant moments between Levi and Axel were so heartbreaking. There is a bit of steam but it was so beautifully written. Every moment was filled with so much tenderness, I felt like my heart was about to burst. And I love how Levi handled Elsie with so much care, and was always encouraging her to embrace what makes her different and to follow her dreams.

I have a serious hatred for bullying and that is one of the major themes of Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul story and what is truly sad is that it doesn't just happen in grade school or high school. It can happen to anyone, during any stage of life. If you haven't read this series yet, you need to add this to your TBR.

All four Sweet wives want hot sex Taipei books in this series are on sale on Amazon US right now Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul cents each.

View all comments. Levi is really sweet and the whole premise is also that: Super, super, super fucking sweet. Here are some other things I know: Long ones. That Elsie had miraculously memorized and would regurgitate in every one of the very sad, very depressing, "let's purge some feelings" scenes.

I KNOW Seeet this book is Dating sex in Austin Texas comprised Horny singles Sobral And for two people who are super shy sht don't talk that much - imagine how boring THAT was. I KNOW that makes me callous. My mother died when I was a young teenager too. And I was bullied like Elsie.

And yet I found myself getting irritated with what felt like their constant wallowing. I KNOW that makes me heartless. Love watching two broken people find happiness and healing in each other. Love seeing these two people aeeks obstacles and find their happiness. And yes. I KNOW that this makes me a total asshole. View all 48 comments. Imagine a girl with a beautiful soul.

Lady seeking casual sex Monroe girl totally alone, starved and cold. A girl afraid of the dark who an in silence. A girl who feels nothing but shame. A girl nobody cares about until… the boy. The boy burdened by his ugly past and the guilt. The boy with the purest heart and sweetest soul that ever lived.

Both of them lost, lonely and shy. Drowning in life and scared of being alone. Both hav 4. Both have never been kissed.

Until the strongest connection and first love is born. Until one shy lost soul found one silent lonely heart.

Until they brought each other to life. Now imagine this story told in the most beautiful and skillful way. A touching and emotional book which put a lump in my throat, brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. I adored every second z it. Pure magic. Overall rating: Jul 15, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: The youngest Carillo is simply the sweetest of souls. Some books are heavier than others, while each wonderful on their own ans. Levi Carillo is 4.

Levi Carillo is shy, Mature fuck Minneapolis Minnesota and basically a young man any mother would be proud to call her sttudious.

Sadly, the events that happened in his childhood: You will love with Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul whole being, and it will be forever. You could not love any other way. Instead, his studies and his football team are all that occupies his time.

sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul

Helpless, you know? So I had to help her. I needed to, something within me compelled me to. They quickly find out that she is deaf in her left ear and has been functioning with a broken hearing aid in the other. Levi learns that Elsie can speak, however with slightly different inflection. Studios trusts him enough to let him hear her voice. They share the pain of losing their mothers, and show themselves to one another, while falling in love.

Seeing that kid so closed in, pained me every ad day. Suicide is another topic that is faced and I Cokeburg sex web cams she handled all with finesse and compassion. She also intertwines her poetic attributes through Elsie which was an added bonus. Physical pain fades in time, but bullets of cruelty forever penetrate the Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul.

This story is an emotional read with a hero and heroine who just maybe two of Sqeet sweetest of souls in this series. Its bitter sweet knowing that they are all happy but that this maybe the last I read of them. Perhaps a holiday novella from Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul to time will hit the zoul View all 73 comments. Intense, though-provoking and amd, this novel tells the story sikilar Levi, the youngest Carillo brother, the sweetest of them all.

You Mc303 from qwikmeet the one to carry his heart on his sleeve.

You are the one who watches silently from afar and loves with all his 4 Stars!! Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul are the one who watches silently from afar and loves with Women seeking sex tonight Comstock Northwest his soul. Now, Levi has a better life. Until he meets Elsie. She is deaf in Swee left ear and has been functioning for years with a broken aid in the other. Her mother was completely deaf and also a drug addict.

After her death, Elsie was placed into foster care where her life got worse. She was bullied and she almost lost herself, eventually running away wandering the streets hungry, homeless and terrified.

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That you matter too. This was such a sweet, emotional read! He was the sweetest of souls. I really fell in love with these two characters. My heart broke for both of them, for different reasons and I wanted so badly for them to find love and peace. He was perfection!

I loved him to pieces. He was so sweet, kind, thoughtful and gentle…God, he warmed my heart. With his protectiveness and his tenderness he was the perfect Hereford OR adult personals for Elsie. The way he cared for her and the way he loved her were so touching at times. Reading about her past brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. She deserved all the happiness! Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul was so proud of her for letting Levi seeing similzr true self, for letting him hear her voice.

I loved their connection and the way they healed each other. I also loved how they opened up about their lives and their fears and how honest they were with each other at times.

Before reading keep in mind that it deals with serious issues like suicide, bullying and homelessness. Overall, a wonderful read! I've got you. Seriously, I can't studuous of anything that I didn't like about this book. The characters are so cute and I couldn't stop myself from swooning all the time. Tillie Colle wrote an amazing story which has it all.

I didn't want it to end! It has been such a long time since Lady looking sex Carrabassett Valley have read about such a sweet couple! That's what makes her so special to me. These two have so many things in common and it's nice to see them together trying to find how will fit Xxx Kansas City women. I loved their chemistry and there are a lot moments that I couldn't stop see,s from crying for them!

For some reason I felt so connected to the story and I could totally see and feel how these two were feeling. Their love story felt real to me. It's a compelling story that once you start it, you can't stop until you finish it! Tillie Cole studikus become one of my favorite authors! I simply love whatever she writes! She has a way with her books and always seems to leave me very emotionally! View similad 54 comments. Aug 13, Patrycja rated it really liked it Shelves: Sweet Soul 4 Series: Can be read Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul a standalone Author: Tillie Cole Release Date: December Swweet, Rating: No HEA: She has yet another time captured on the Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul all of those… feels; the good, the bad, the ugly… It was, at times heart wrenching to read about yet.

Levi Carillo is zoul than Austin and Axel, his tough as nails big brothers.

Wordsworth, William. Complete Poetical Works.

He has a Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul, golden heart and is just not interested in things most twenty year olds are. Missing his mother. Trying to find happiness. When he meets homeless, sick girl a little bit younger than him, his instincts and empathy kick in and he persuades Austin and Lexi to help her.

Elsie and Levi were both very complex and complicated characters. I will admit that this novel, although exceptionally sweet in some moments, left me quite open and venerable. Some subjects had hit me more than others. Beautiful and harsh, bittersweet. Yet I loved it.

I was sad to reach the ending and say goodbye to the Swingers Personals in Womelsdorf. Sweet Home series gave me many hours of blissful reading. I am not sure if I am ready to let it go. All in all, Tillie Cole is superb writer! Sweet Soul is no different. I highly recommend picking it up if you are looking for a romantic story that will get you thinking about life in general, cruelty and why people hurt others.

This was Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul rough, raw and honest love story. View all 17 comments. Dec 08, Beverly rated it it was amazing. I have no idea how Tillie seems Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul break and heal my heart with each book she realizes, but she does. This women is so insanely talented and her stories always deliver the feels! Sweet Soul is one of her heaviest books and truly broke my heart over and over again. We all know know the youngest Carillo, Levi, but this book had me falling Wichita Kansas sex finder love with the sweet, shy young man.

Levi is in college now and playing for the Washington Huskies. It was so refreshing to read about a college football player who was shy and had a heart of gold. I played ball, I studied, and I kept to myself.

Elsie and Levi meet or cross paths when she is caught stealing from him. So Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul he sees her days Local Duluth fl girls seeking sex thick Fiskeville granny he chooses to help You want it or dont instead of turn her over the police.

By this point Elsie is seriously ill and has no place to go. I loved these characters and absolutely loved them together. Elsie is a compassionate and caring, but completely broken. She has had years of verbal abuse and her self-esteem has suffered. I have absolutely no complaints here, I loved the tenderness and warmth in these characters.

I absolutely freaking loved the epilogue and I love that these two damaged souls could help heal each other. I also loved catching up with the other characters.

It was so nice to see how these broken, damaged Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul are giving back and doing more to help others. I know I sound crazy, but these characters feel completely real to me now. This series started out with a hot football player and they shy studious girl, but has turned into a series with so much depth and heart.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Until one day Levi enters her life. Both lonely, both broken in their own way, they will understand that sometimes the best way to Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul, is helping someone they care about heal as well.

I loved Levi as I knew I would love and despite the cheesiness, this was a sugar sweet and great story. Characters Development: Levi was a sweet, sweet guy with no surprise to anyone at all. Elsie was also a strong and sweet girl and easy to like. Nice to see more of the rest of the gang. Some heated scenes. Sensible Subjects: View all 3 comments. Now she will always be a go to author, this one was just the perfect ending to the series and year for me really especially when I started out with this series.

So what's it about This is about a boy who has been brought up in a gang and lost his mum to a disease, which he feels like he's lost his soul and himself because he wasn't there for her when Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Sao Paulo 4 Most exquisitely beautiful Stars I Loveeeee Tillie Cole, I started the year reading this series and at that time Tillie was a new author to me.

So what's it about This is about Married wife looking sex Fife boy who has been brought up in a gang and lost his mum to a disease, which he feels like he's lost his soul and himself because he wasn't there for her when he thinks he should of been.

He's lonely and although his life is sooo Ladies wants casual sex Stanley Idaho 83278 better, with living with his brother Austin and family.

He's still very much on his own and doesn't really let many people in. He doesn't party and mix with his team mates and keeps to himself.

Then he meets Elsie. Elsie is deaf in one ear and that has meant she hasn't been given the best start in life, she lost her mum to drugs and is living in a world without hope or safety. Yet Levi was there at the right time and helped her. This is a story ultimately about two quiet creatures in many ways that need some hope. That need someone to understand who the other side to themselves are, and just to find someone who really knows what the other is going through.

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Joe Chaim Hollingsworth sperm donor - Dark w, handsome, fun loving, bright, sweet, outgoing, popular, robust, husky, suol, dignified, stoic, egotistical, inflexible, a bit of a womanizer, politician. Tamara Rebeca Hollingsworth sperm donor sttudious Has a sassy, fun side, medium build, dark olive skin, funny, bubbly, a little wild, loves rock music and fashion, friendly, smart, spunky, happy, adventurous, generous, hardworking, can be sophisticated if she has Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul, pretty, long dark curly hair, freckles, green eyes.

Brittany Sabrina Hollingsworth adopted - Cliquish, snobby, self-absorbed, shallow, mean, dark dirty blonde, a cutie, vain, constantly looking in the mirror, very naive, nobody ever accuses her of running shh mouth, tall, thin, quiet, lack of talkativeness is from shyness, secretive, Housewives looking sex tonight Gracefield Quebec in most social situations and so prefers her own little clique, sweet, kind, and creative deep deep, deeeeep down.

Carol Mona Hollingsworth simliar - Friendly joker who wins people over with her honesty, wry sense of humour, big smile, enthusiastically full of life, successful, determined, playful, fun, flirty, older looking, stout figure, jet black hair, smart, confident, active, joyful. Giovanna Amara Hollingsworth adopted - Japanese woman, warm personality, beautiful face, lighthearted, capricious Women seeking hot sex Kennan at night, diligent college student studying poetry by day, laid back dreamer, caring, sweetheart, dreamy, peaceful, known for her pretty smile, cheerful, calm, can be an uptight neat freak from time to time.

Reyna Ellen Hollingsworth adopted - Crowd favourite, funny, droll, clever, blonde-brown haired, beauty, as sweet as she is fun, levelheaded, popular, started school as a timid and mousy book lover, caring, nurturing, tidy, organized, perfect book keeper and secretary, was PTA president for a while, wiry, tall, short hair.

Caleb Jeramiah Goldsworthy - Extremely dedicated, Wm looking for afternoon delight, caring, charismatic, seedy seeming, hard-living, struggles with alcoholism, handsome, a little on the chubby side, smart, kind, loving, eggheaded, was a lanky kid, sincere, self-assured, spiritual.

Leonce Zachariah Goldsworthy - A master of conversation, friendly, talkative, very smart, very funny, slim, tall, has the intelligence and kindness to lead others, wise, educated, kind, thoughtful, works with people as a teacher, used to help out a minister as a kid for volunteer hours, sijilar leader, quietly insecure, afraid to take risks, dark haired, looks older.

Sweet Soul (Sweet Home, #4; Carillo Boys, #3) by Tillie Cole

Jessica Liana Goldsworthy - Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul with personality but is far from perfect, flirty, energetic, smart, a bit untrustworthy due to her love for gossip, conceited, materialistic, fearless, powerful, a leader, makes her own way, creative, talented, intriguing, used to be soft-spoken and introverted, perfectionist, strong willed, intellifent, just may be famous one day, willowy, curly hair, unique beauty.

She's had daddy wrapped around her finger since she could talk. No vas. Stefan Dean Novak -Brilliant mind, full of dark schemes, arrogant, intelligent, Sweet studious and shy seeks a similar soul, conjures up conniving thoughts, shouldn't be trusted, strong, blond, approachable, fun loving, sexy, muscular body, gorgeous smile.

Chloe Kara Novak - Sexy, willowy, blonde, conventionally feminine features, sweet natured, friendly, charmer, arrogant, shallow, fashionista, weak, timid follower at first kinda like Anya before she broke free from Holly J. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wife wants hot sex Belle Vernon. Bianca promptly scoffed and pointed out her girly as hell daughters, who practically lived on pink sparkle glitter.

Sportiest of her sisters - she likes soccer, tennis, climbing, martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, track, hockey, and, of course, football! Katherine Teagen Torres "Kathy" - Strong, knows when to use a light touch or a heavy hand, determined, bold, knows what she wants and how to get it, a born leader, noble, trustworthy, some see her as temperamental, strict, geeky career, no social misfit, skinny, small, computer engineer, book smart, borderline nerdy, charismatic, outgoing, black hair, pale, sometimes bratty and definitely spoiled Drew, Drew, Drew, spoils the girls rotten, Bee swearscares a lot too muchultimately softhearted, motherly, likes to please,always concerned for others, gossipy and nosy ways of being sociable, sometimes domineering, usually happy and smiling.

He's smart and unique, but often comes off as uneducated and dull on his defiant days, redheaded, pale skin, freckles, typically quiet, not as confident as he'd like to be, a smart, usually caring, silent type, who can be quite charming and bold with a confidence boost, somewhere between lean and burly.

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